Tree to Tree with Skytrek Adventure Park

“Our biggest challenge during the day with Skytrek Adventure Park was keeping our emotions under control. We did not do that very well. You know how big kids can get. We hooted and hollered through the whole experience. It is not everyday you get to fly like a bird and climb like a monkey.”

Skytrek Adventure Park

Rope Tunnel with the “eh Team”

We zipped, we climbed, we dropped, we hanged and we swung from tree to tree. We let our inner monkey loose. Our emotions ran the gauntlet from exhilaration to exhaustion and, at times, topping out at pure ecstasy. During our emotional roller coaster ride we were strapped in, hooked up and never felt safer. Yes, our visit to Skytrek Adventure Park was everything we expected and then some.

Today, Skytrek Adventure Park is our “Star of Tourism”. The attraction is located west of Revelstoke, BC and east of Sicamous, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. The adventure park entertains visitors in the giant cedar trees of the Monashee Mountains. Hanging from the trees are swinging ropes, suspension bridges, scramble nets, swinging logs, high wire cables and zip lines

The Skytrek tree course is divided into three sections – green, blue and black. Each section is tailored for various fitness and age levels. Green being kid-easy and black being adult-challenging. Oh yeah… and after the challenging black section is the “double” black section. A difficult section reserved for those who are physically fit but born with a side-salad of crazy.

Each obstacle in the trees is called a “game”. Each “game” increases in difficulty as you play forward. During the whole adventure of swinging, climbing and hanging from trees you are always hooked up and clamped on to a large safety cable. We never feared for our safety once. Our biggest challenge during the day was keeping our emotions under control. We did not do that very well. You know how big kids can get. We hooted and hollered through the whole adventure. It is not everyday you get to fly like a bird and climb like a monkey.

Tall Cedar Trees

Tall Cedar Trees

By the end of the “double” black we zipped down from the trees to the finish line… sweat was pouring down everywhere just like a leaky faucet. We learned quickly it is all about technique which we lacked badly at the end of the course. We came out fast and strong. We finished with fumbling and bumbling.

Lucas then proceeded to take us to a climbing wall and adventure tower. First up was the “Sky Drop” – a free fall from a 12 metre tower. No problem I thought. I strapped in and climbed to the top of the tower. There I stood. Ahead of me was a walking plank just like the ones you see on pirate ships.

I hummed and hawed for a second and then I walked the plank and seconds later I was in a free fall – heading down fast towards the ground. Just before I was to hit the ground the device slowed right up preparing me for an easy landing. Except, in my case, my landing was not graceful. I did not activate my landing gear and therefore I landed on my bum.

I picked myself up, brushed myself off… blushing, what I am sure was, Maple Leaf red… we headed to the giant swing – our next adventure. Lucas, our guide, strapped us in and pulled the swing back to the height of about 12 metres… and then he let us go. Down we went … swooooooooosh, swooooosh, swooosh. swoosh …. back and forth until we came to a full stop.

Skytrek Adventure Park is a great adventure destination for little kids and big kids like us. It was a great way to spend the day. Thank you goes out to Lucas our guide and to Skytrek Adventure Park for hosting such a fun day in the trees. So the day was over… sad right? Notta chance! Next door to the Skytrek Adventure Park was the Enchanted Forest – our next adventure with fairy tale heroes was a waiting.

Stars of Tourism

Stars of Tourism

The “STARS OF TOURISM” program highlights the Canadian accommodations and adventures the “eh Team” has selected to visit and explore during the summer of 2014.

SkyTrek Adventure Park
P.O. Box 2938
7060 Trans Canada Highway
Revelstoke, BC
V0E 2S0, Canada

Phone: 250.837.9477
SkyTrek Adventure Park :

Toll Free : 1.866.944.9744

Hours of Operation
May 17th – June 30th : Open from 10am to 6pm every day.
July 1st – August 31st : Open from 9am to 6pm every day.
September 1st – October13th : Open from 10am to 6pm every day.

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