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Salmon Arm BC Golf Course – Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course

Salmon Arm, BC Golf Course
Golfing with Sonseekers Golf Course

Recently the “eh Team” Brothers of Greg and Colin Girard were invited recently to test their drive, chip and putting skills at Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. While on location, the brothers shot a short video documenting their Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course experience.

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“It was like I was golfing in a forest. Peaceful, beautiful and an opportunity to see some birdies and eagles too.”

Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course is situated in the back-country forests of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada in the Thompson-Shuswap Region of the province. The 9 hole golf course measures 2700 yards and is a par 35.  The golf course holes range from an easy par 3 to a challenging golf-ball-eating par 5.  However, almost every hole, provides an opportunity to experience a birdie and/or eagle.

Salmon Arm, BC, Golf Course

Sonseekers Clubhouse

“It was like I was golfing in an enchanted forest. Peaceful, beautiful and an opportunity to see some birdies and eagles too.” Colin Girard

The golf course is not your average course. There are no real sand traps or water hazards to speak of.  There are no long wait times for teeing off. There are no egos to contend with on the course or in the club house. No… the biggest distraction at Sonseekers Golf Course is the scenery and the lack of city noise.

Salmon Arm, BC, Golf Course

Golfing with the “eh Team”

“Our number one priority is your relaxation and your enjoyment.” Sonseekers Ridge Golf

The golf course in the trees can challenge experienced golfers, as well as, provide a comfortable environment for people just learning how to golf. The fairways in general are very manageable. Some easily driven. One not so much. One hole, in particular, with sloping long fairways was a  graveyard for golf balls if you tend to slice or hook your drives, which we tend to do. On this day Greg, an “eh Team” Brother, offered up many balls to the golf course gods.

Salmon Arm, BC, Golf Course

Putting Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course

In general the fairways and greens are fast and well maintained. Some of the greens were out-of-sight from the fairway providing a small target when chipping from afar. All the more reason to have your chipping game in order.

The roll of the greens made putting fun, yet still provided a challenge to read them correctly. The thrill of reading a green for the first time and sinking a long putt was not lost on this course as the video above shows. There were birdie sightings, as well as, a few encounters with the Bogey Man.

Salmon Arm, BC, Golf Course


We have a lot of respect for Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course on so many fronts. It is not a high flying fancy course, but it is a course with a conscious. Sonseekers uses only environmentally safe products to maintain their course. They draw water from the local ponds on the property, to make sure they do not put a drain on the community water system. Some golf carts are electric, not gas.  The golf course was recently recognized as a Green Tourism golf course and as a “Star of Tourism” winner by ehCanadaTravel.com.

The people at  Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course are also very accommodating when it comes to events, banquets and weddings. Groups can rent out the whole course and, with the assistance of the staff, can arrange for catering services and entertainment. They do recommend using local produce supporting local farmers. Very nice!

Salmon Arm, BC, Golf Course

Sonseekers Ridge Fairways

“The private location, the scenery, the large log house venue, the covered back porch are all ideal for weddings and banquets.” Greg Girard

Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada operates, as a general rule,  from dawn to dusk. There are golf carts and club rentals available. For current rates and tee times please visit the Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course website (www.sonseekersridgegolf.com).

When exploring the community of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada make sure to say ehCanadaTravel.com sent you. And… if you are golfing with Sonseekers Ridge … please say hi from the “eh Team” Brothers, Greg and Colin Girard.


Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course
247 Black Road, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2P6
Local: 1-(250) 833-0258
Website: www.sonseekersridgegolf.com

Golf Course Profile and Bio:  www.ehcanadatravel.com/travel-community/656-sonseeker-s-ridge-golf-course/profile.html

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