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On The Road Again – Moving Satellite Office

MOving Satellite Office

On The Road Again

Moving Satellite Office From Revelstoke to Vancouver Island

“Hello Vancouver Island! Woot! Woot! We are baaaaaack!”

On the road again

It has been 8 years since Colin and Greg (co founding brothers of ehCanadaTravel.com) sold their belongings on Vancouver Island, packed up everything and took a giant leap of faith and started their adventure across Canada with the goal of building a national Canada travel and adventure website. Since then they have moved their satellite office 6 times while crisscrossing Canada.  On the road again and again is a mantra of some sort.

During the past 8 years they have had the joy of meeting and learning from thousands of tourism businesses and groups across Canada. They have collected over 20,000 photos, 2500 video clips, hiked over 1000 trails and explored over 96% of Canada’s regional, provincial, territorial and national parks and historic sites. In 2014 they merged 9 community and regional websites into 1 national website (ehCanadaTravel.com). Just last month they added Eastern and Atlantic Canada to the website. Today, the ehCanadaTravel.com website is over 5300+ pages strong!

Colin and Greg are moving their satellite office (we call it a base camp) from Revelstoke, BC in the Kootenays to Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada for the next 6-8 months. During their travels they have set up base camps to work from in Courtenay, Peachland, and Revelstoke BC, as well as, Nippissing Lake, Ontario, Murray Harbour, PEI and Saint John’s, New Brunswick.  Their adventure has gone full circle and they are about to set foot on home soil once again. 

Why On The Road Again To Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island is where it all started for Colin and Greg. On the rock they created their first website SidneyBC.com. Vancouver Island is home to family, their childhood friends and their very first tourism clients. Before focusing on their next milestone, the brothers wanted to touch base with all their Vancouver Island tourism partners, family and friends.

Why Do Colin and Greg Move So Much?

They really do not have much of a choice. Their project is national. You have to be onsite for boots-on-the-ground research.  The only other source of the information is Government run tourism… and not all of them play nice, nor do they like to share resources unless you are part of their exclusive club. What choice did the brothers have? The brothers said $%#^/@+ and traveled the country themselves collecting their own photos, videos and documentation. 

What Do Colin and Greg Do From Each location?

Each location acts as a home base to work from. Base camps mus accomplish 2 things. (1) Easy access to tourism communities and regions for adventure and research missions. Content is king. (2) Easy access to old and new clients for talking tourism, and brainstorming. The brothers spend most of their time meeting, greeting, building, creating and researching from home base to home base.

Schedule a “Meet and Greet” with the Brothers while they are on Vancouver Island

Greg (co founding brother) is scheduling visits to Vancouver Island communities during the next 6-8 months to meet with clients, do some public speaking and make connections with tourism businesses. We are in full schedule mode as we speak. If you are a current tourism client expect a call. If you are not a participating member with us and you operate a tourism business on Vancouver Island and would like to meet up with Greg then please contact us by email.  media@ehcanadatravel.com

Message from Colin and Greg Girard

“It was a pleasure to have had an opportunity to meet and work with so many quality people on the front lines of  tourism in the Kootenays, Shuswap, and Cariboo regions of British Columbia, Canada and the Rocky Mountains of Alberta during our stay in Revelstoke, BC.  Greg and I wish you all the best and look forward to working with you long into the future. 

Thank you to the community of Revelstoke for your adventures and for being home for last few years.  eh Vancouver Island! We are coming home for a visit!”

Head Office
54-120 Finholm Street N.
Parksville, BC, Canada, v9p 1J5
Office Phone: 1.250.818.1925
Toll Free (Canada): 1.877.923.3764
Email: media@ehcanadatravel.com


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