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Toronto City Hall  Downtown Toronto Self Walking Tour Weekends are a perfect time for adventure seeking, and there is no better place to catch the hustle and bustle of city li...
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A Historical Hidden Gem  Our Glengarry Ontario Adventure at St. Raphael's Ruins St. Raphael's Ruins - As avid adventures with a love for spontaneity, some of ou...
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Hiking in Summer Weather in Canada How to have an enjoyable hiking season in the Canadian summer's heat Hiking in hot weather just got a little bit more bearable. Thanks to Hong Ko...
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Algoma Region

Algoma Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula - Ontario Parks and Places

Greater Toronto Region

Greater Toronto Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Hamilton Region

Hamilton Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Huron Waterloo Region

Huron Waterloo Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Kawartha Northumberland Region

Kawartha Northumberland Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Muskoka Algonquin Region

Muskoka Algonquin Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Near North Region

Near North Region - Ontario Parks and Places

North of Superior

North of Superior Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Ottawa Valley

Ottawa Valley Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Rainbow Country

Rainbow Country Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Southwest Ontario

Southwest Ontario Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Sunset Country

Sunset Country Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Wilderness Region

Wilderness Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Wine Country - Niagara Region

Wine Country Region - Ontario Parks and Places

York Durham Region

York Durham Region - Ontario Parks and Places
A popular gathering place where the warm waters of Lake Erie meets miles of white sandy beach providing great windsurfing, swimming and sunbathing. There is a picnic area, rest room facilities and volleyball courts on site.
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69 Lake Road, Port Colborne, Ontario
Port Colborne
The Bruce Peninsula section of the trail stretches from Tobermory to Wiarton, Ontario, Canada measuring 160 kilometres. It is recommended to schedule 8-9 days to complete the trail. This is is you plan on hiking 18-22 kilometres a day.
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Highway 6
Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour is a popular learning experience and sightseeing road trip exploring the shoreline of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron visiting lighthouses and marine heritage sites in Ontario, Canada.
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Highway 6
The beach park is a popular area during the summer months for suntanning, swimming, picnicking and sightseeing. Views enjoyed include plenty of marine activity in Kempenfelt Bay and a water fountain.
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Victoria Ave
Heritage Park is one of the many sightseeing park destinations located along the waterfront in Barrie on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay. The park is home to duck ponds, beautiful floral gardens, art structures and one of the most unique water splash parks in Ontario.
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Mulcaster Streets
Activities enjoyed on the beach include swimming, sun tanning and sightseeing. The views from the beach stretch out across Kempenfelt Bay with the city skyline as a backdrop. Often there are also views of marine activity.
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Johnson Street
Minet's Point tends to be less crowded and away from the sometimes chaotic marine activity. The park is treed with sections of shade and there are, also, open areas for those who wish to embrace the warmth of the sun.
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White Oaks Road
Decorating the paths are many sightseeing benches which come in handy when birding or listening to the many song birds which frequent the park. Amenities in the Sunnidale Park include a large children's playground, pit toilets, parking lot, off leash dog area and the Dorian Parker Centre.
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Sunnidale Road
The Barrie pathway is a great walking route for traveling from one end of downtown to the other. It is in close proximity to many attractions, accommodations, restaurants, banks and downtown services.
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The trail route begins near the Mattagami Park in Timmins, Ontario and continues along Norman Street and concludes near the Lafleur Bridge. A combination of side streets and pathways provide a loop route exploring both sides of the river.
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Riverside Drive
The trail is a popular destination for birding, biking, walking, sightseeing, picnicking and dog walking (on leash). Located along the trail are day use picnic tables, information signs, viewing platforms and sightseeing benches.
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Brunette Road
The conservation area is best explored along a vast network of recreation trails measuring 25 kilometres in total and a select few access roads like the Lynx Road and Fisher Lake Trail.
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Ross Avenue
The park is divided into two sections. The north end of the park is a public area with children's playground and water park.
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Brunette Road
The Schumacher Lions Park is designed around a "mining" theme complete with mining interpretive signs, a miner's memorial and some mining artifacts. The green space park is a day use picnic area with picnic tables and a picnic shelter.
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McIntyre Road
The trail network of Porcupine Lake consists of two sections - the Porcupine Lake Trail and the Bart Thompson Trail. The lake and trails are popular for many activities including birdwatching (birding), canoeing, walking, jogging, hiking, sightseeing, picnicking and dog walking (on leash).
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Bruce Avenue
South Porcupine
The Scout Rock Trail is a 4 kilometre (2.5 mi.) one-way, year-round recreation trail which explores a forest, some hills, a community neighbourhood and a marsh. Located along the route are some great viewpoints overseeing the community of Timmins, Ontario.
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Ross Avenue
The trail is popular for activities including walking, hiking, biking, birdwatching, picnicking and sightseeing. Some of the best views of the Mountjoy and Mattagami Rivers are enjoyed from this trail.
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Algonquin Blvd
In total, there are 516 hectares of dry marsh area and 209 hectares of flooded wetland in the Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area. It is a combination of environments creating open water and marsh-like eco systems attracting many birds to the region.
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Highway #569
The Nastawgan Trails consists of many large parcels of land and interconnected waterways maintained for the enjoyment of non motorized adventures. The wilderness areas are explored via a collection of hiking trails and a vast network of canoe routes measuring over 2400+ kilometres.
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The park consists of four islands. The islands provide refuge for many species of Arctic birds - as well as - a viewing point for wildlife sightings of seals and beluga whales. Best time for viewing whales is spring and fall.
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