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Ontario, Canada Adventure Travel

Explore things to do and see in Ontario, Canada.

Algoma Region

Algoma Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula - Ontario Parks and Places

Greater Toronto Region

Greater Toronto Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Hamilton Region

Hamilton Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Huron Waterloo Region

Huron Waterloo Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Kawartha Northumberland Region

Kawartha Northumberland Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Muskoka Algonquin Region

Muskoka Algonquin Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Near North Region

Near North Region - Ontario Parks and Places

North of Superior

North of Superior Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Ottawa Valley

Ottawa Valley Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Rainbow Country

Rainbow Country Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Southwest Ontario

Southwest Ontario Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Sunset Country

Sunset Country Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Wilderness Region

Wilderness Region - Ontario Parks and Places

Wine Country - Niagara Region

Wine Country Region - Ontario Parks and Places

York Durham Region

York Durham Region - Ontario Parks and Places
A deep gorge canyon is the sightseeing attraction in the Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. The canyon gorge measures over 3 kilometres (1.9 mi.) long, 152 metres wide (500 ft.) and 172 metres deep (362 ft.).
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Ouimet Canyon Road
A paved 550 metre walkway follows the banks of the river leading to exhibits including a tug boat, sculpture, monument and railroad train.
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Syndicate Avenue
Thunder Bay
Mount Nemo is a favorite among hikers in Halton Parks. Away from the crowds and the hustle bustle of the city, Mount Nemo is a peaceful sanctuary for nature walks.
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5317 Guelph Line
The Aspen Trails includes loop trails and a one-way trail leading out to the lookout. The trails measure anywhere from 4 to 12 kilometres long and could take 40 to 190 minutes to complete depending on the routes explored and the fitness level of the group.
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Dubois Road
Sioux Narrows
Gore Bay Boardwalk follows along the southern shores of the protected bay connecting to services including the local marina, restaurants and some village stores.
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Gore Bay
Minet's Point tends to be less crowded and away from the sometimes chaotic marine activity. The park is treed with sections of shade and there are, also, open areas for those who wish to embrace the warmth of the sun.
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White Oaks Road
The Oak Forest Trail measures about 2.0 kilometres long and, generally, follows a single-track, dirt and paved pathway along the shores of Minnow Lake before leading to elevated views overlooking the lake and city.
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Howey Road
The Woodland Caribou Provincial Park geography is a combination of the Canadian Shield and boreal forest nestled in an Arctic watershed environment. The park is best known for its summer adventures which include wilderness backcountry camping, fishing, canoeing and wildlife watching.
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Lund Lake Road
Red Lake
Travelers enjoy both land and water eco systems when exploring. There are groups of islands, hidden bays, beaches and First Nation pictographs. On land there are rocky canyons, towering cliffs, waterfalls, white water rivers, rolling hills and forests.
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Highway #17
The Spencer Gorge contains two beautiful waterfalls Webster and Tew Falls. Webster is a magnificent tiered waterfall and Tew, which towers at 41 metres, is only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls. Both offer spectacular vistas of the gorge.
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Harvest Rd
The Cootes Drive Trail is a multi-use asphalt trail
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Sanders Boulevard
Burlington's beautiful 57 acre park on the shore of Lake Ontario
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50 North Shore Boulevard
The Missinaibi Provincial Park is recognized as a popular destination for canoeing, boating and backcountry wilderness camping - as well as - for viewing ancient First Nation pictographs
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The Jim Gordon Walkway measures 2 kilometres long and follows the shores of Ramsey Lake. The trail connects Bell Park with the attraction named Science North. The recreation and sightseeing trail is paved with a section of boardwalk.
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Ramsey Lake Road
Blue Lake Provincial Park includes the lake, the long sandy beach with swimming area, the campground and activities including hiking, swimming, boating, canoeing, windsurfing, camping, water skiing, bird watching, rock climbing and fishing.
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Highway #647
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