Snowshoeing Adventures in British Columbia

Snowshoeing in BC, Canada provides some of the best winter wonderland scenery in Canada when exploring by foot during the snow months. The mid mountain slopes, the mountain bike and hiking trails, the decommissioned and active logging roads leading up and down the mountains, around lakes and over frozen rivers... all transform into top notch, virgin showshoeing routes when the powder snow falls at the higher elevations.

Snowshoes in British Columbia, Canada

The province is vast and wild, and once the snow falls many head to the hills for a day hike on snowshoes exploring the same trail they might have walked in the summer, but in the winter the wilderness scenery takes on a whole new meaning of bliss.

Some explorers strap on the snowshoes and head out on multi day treks with stops at designated warming huts along the way for sleeping accommodations. Warming huts equipped with sinks, stove, first aid, wood stove providing shelter from the cold and wind. The sport of snowshoeing is enjoyed by all ages. If you can walk, then most likely you can snowshoe.

The sport enjoys events and special celebrations focused on the fun of snowshoeing like fondue nights and midnight snowshoe trips. People of all ages, especially women, are taking up the sport and meeting in groups to organize a day of snowshoeing exploring the trails and the wilderness areas of British Columbia.

Most snow shoe operators are close to a ski resorts and are ideal for planning a day trip. They offer guided trips,, lessons and detailed trail maps. If a more rugged and outback experience is in the cards, then consider a multi day trek traveling by snowshoe from warming hut to warming hut. Plan for a some quiet time, sight seeing time when snowshoeing in Bceh!
 in British Columbia, Canada.

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