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Terrace, BC, Canada

Terrace, B.C., Canada is a wilderness community neighbouring the alpine slopes of the Kitimat and Coastal Mountain Ranges. On the shores where the mighty Skeena River and Kalum River meet is the birth place of Terrace BC. and Spirit Bear Country. Terrace is a forestry community located near many lakes and rivers, surrounded by trees, providing many great opportunities for outdoor recreational activities during the summer and winter months.

Terrace, BC Photo Gallery The Village of Terrace is the main community in the region with many smaller villages nearby like Thornhill, Remo, Rosswood, Jackpine Flats, Nass Valley (Gingolx, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts'ap), Lakelse Lake, Kitselas and Kitsumkalum. All rely on Terrace for most major purchases and economic growth.

Terrace, BC is the main commercial hub in the region stocked with numerous big box stores, strip malls and retail stores servicing the locals, visitors and the outlying communities. Throughout the community are gas stations, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, accommodations, laundry mats, banks, grocery stores and internet cafes catering to the everyday life of a traveler.

Terrace, British Columbia is a popular eco tourism destination providing many opportunities to explore. Activities like lake and river fishing, boating, grizzly bear tours, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and golfing are very popular activities enjoyed in the region.

The region has many cultural and historical exhibits and destinations to experience. There are self guided tours visiting art galleries and art studios. There are beautiful road trips traveling many miles through mountain valleys following rivers leading into the Nass Valley and the land of the Nisga First Nation people. Or... stay local and visit the Tsimshian First Nation people located near the Kitselas Canyon and where the Skeena and Kalum River meet. In total there are seven First Nation Villages.

Terrace prides itself as the home of the mystical Kemode Bear also referred to as the Spirit Bear. A Black Bear born white and a protected wildlife species special to the Northern BC forest. Within the community the Kemode Bear is represented well by the artistic Spirit Bears like "Ravens Promise" and "Spirit Walker".

There are fishing guides and fishing lodges throughout the lakes and rivers of the region. To view the crater in the Lava Bed Park requires a guide as it is protected and a sensitive environmental eco system. The tours leading into the Grizzly Bear Sanctuary must be organized by one of the local certified guiding companies authorized to transport tour groups into the Grizzly Bear and Black Bear wilderness retreat.

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