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Winter sometimes gets a bad rap. But for those of us who love snow and ice, it could not happen fast enough.

“… spring is just around the corner so make the best of it!”

Winter Top 100 in Canada List: There are so many reasons to get outside and love the winter season in Canada. If you do not like the chilly outdoors, do not kid yourself, there is still plenty of indoor activities and events to investigate as well. With the right attitude, some warm clothing and a destination the season of snow and ice can easily become an exciting and beautiful season of changing landscapes, frozen waterways and expanding interests.

Winter Top 100 Is Not For Everyone

There are those among us, called snowbirds, who leave Canada every winter for warmer climates… which is not a problem, nor am I slighting them in anyway. It is what makes them happy and that is number one. Besides each snowbird has their reason, some being medical, some are psychological and some just do not like the winter season. OK, no problem. There is nothing wrong with leaving a Canadian winter behind, if it does not suit you.

Canadian Hibernation

My appeal is directed at those who cannot afford to fly to warmer climates to live. This group can learn to love a Canadian winter. We all know them, the ones who prefer to play hibernation during the winter season. It does not have to be this way? If snow and ice is not your thing then there are the indoor events, functions and interest groups. Join one. Attend one. Just do something. Take advantage of this slower time. Winter should be your season to sightsee, experiment, meet new people and find new interests. Many are listed in our Winter Top 100 in Canada list below. Here are 3.

  • attend an indoor event
  • join a community group
  • attend a community function

Winter TOP 100 in Canada Reasons To Love Snow & Ice

Lets get down to brass tacks here. Time to pull no punches being that we are winter enthusiasts. Here are our Winter Top 100 in Canada Reasons why we love this cold, icy, snowy and sometimes miserable weather season.

  1. time with family and friends
  2. disconnecting from technology
  3. the first snow
  4. the last snow
  5. Canadian maple syrup
  6. snow cones
  7. wearing my favourite toque
  8. wearing my favorite toque indoors
  9. big, long icicles dripping
  10. walking snow covered forested trails
  11. eggnog
  12. hot springs in the snow
  13. fireplaces
  14. dog sledding the winter wonderland
  15. winter outdoor bonfires
  16. the crackle of wood
  17. big rubber boots
  18. ugly sweaters
  19. catching snowflakes on my tongue
  20. making a snowman and then tackling it
  21. snowball fights
  22. easy to meet people because everyone is talking about the weather
  23. snowshoeing
  24. wearing pajama pants all day
  25. winter hiking
  26. winter slippers
  27. snowboarding powder
  28. hot chocolate
  29. birding during peak migration season
  30. wearing my scarf
  31. home made soup
  32. Xmas parties
  33. hot tubs
  34. that point in time when your car is finally warmed up
  35. cuddling with someone special
  36. read more books
  37. long johns
  38. walking while it is snowing
  39. growing a playoff beard
  40. star gazing on clear cool nights
  41. pub nights
  42. sleeping in
  43. mistletoe
  44. long hot baths
  45. big comforters
  46. seeing your breath in the winter air
  47. New Year resolutions
  48. learn a new hobby
  49. write stories
  50. snowmobiling
  51. splashing through big puddles
  52. attend winter festivals & events
  53. stormwatching
  54. movie night by the fire
  55. northern lights
  56. rainbows
  57. avoiding malls
  58. no mosquitoes
  59. big wool socks
  60. winter train sightseeing tours
  61. frozen waterfalls
  62. homemade maple taffy
  63. ice climbing
  64. attend an ice sculpture event
  65. fireworks
  66. iceberg season
  67. polar bears
  68. frozen lakes
  69. classic Christmas movies
  70. Christmas carols
  71. less neighbourhood traffic
  72. sharing a romantic bottle of wine
  73. beautiful clear blue skies after a big snow fall
  74. tourtiere (meat pie)
  75. candles
  76. ice fishing
  77. Xmas cards
  78. snow angels
  79. attending an art or theatre event
  80. turkey dinner
  81. Xmas spirit
  82. vehicle window ice scrappers
  83. mittens
  84. chap stick
  85. sledding
  86. smell of pine trees
  87. giving back
  88. ice castle
  89. CP Christmas Train
  90. catching up on the phone
  91. long hugs
  92. opening of presents
  93. play pond hockey
  94. fat biking
  95. rosy cheeks
  96. January 1st when everyone tries to be healthy
  97. January 2nd where everyone gives up
  98. trying to have fun with zero money in January
  99. celebrating January. The official first month of freedom before credit card bills come in
  100. Days off!!

Winter TOP 100 In Canada List

Best of Canadian Winters

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