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Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort

“Being tree run enthusiasts we thought we died and went to snowboarding heaven,” the eh Team Brothers.

Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing “I love snowboarding. It’s probably my favorite winter sport. I love sitting on top of the mountain and the snow falling and that silence, that snow silence. That’s a very peaceful, happy place for me.”  Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

Philippe Cousteau says it best. Snowboarding (and skiing for you 2 legged monsters) on a snow covered slope of a mountain is a very happy place to be during the winter season. There is no bigger blissful serenity in our view than being surrounded by total beauty and silence, staring down from the top of a mountain while helplessly strapped into Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing an unforgiving plank waiting to give yourself up to gravity while snowflakes fall preparing a powder snow landing below – what is there not to like!

Today, we are going to share with you our insights and experiences while exploring the slopes of Kootenay’s Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort (aka Mount McKenzie) located in British Columbia, Canada. Lets get one thing straight right off the hop. It is epic! Revelstoke Mountain boosts the greatest vertical in North America measuring at 1713 metres (5260 feet for our American friends) and it is the ONLY resort world-wide to offer lift, cat, heli and back-country Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiingskiing from one village base! Woot! Woot!

We were fortunate enough to spend some quality time this ski season to document the hill. And it is was easy to do too because the mountain village is located only 10 minutes from the town centre of Revelstoke, BC where we were staying.  Unlike other hills we have visited where it can take hours to get on the slopes, the travel time from bed to lift in Revelstoke was a welcomed surprise. Heck, the sooner on the hill the better, right?

Revelstoke Snowboarding & SkiingRevelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort provides 3121 acres of fall line skiing, high alpine bowls, gladed terrain, and some of the best tree runs in the country. On almost every groomed run there are so many opportunities to veer off into a swath a trees and get stoked while zig-zagging around nature’s pylons. Being tree run enthusiasts we thought we died and went to snowboarding heaven!

In total there are over 65 runs covering the north and east side of Mount McKenzie – 7% beginner (green), 45% intermediate (blue) and 47% advanced (black). The longest run is 15.2 kilometres! The runs are Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiingserved by 2 gondolas, and 2 chair lifts. The Revelation Gondola (2 part) takes you to mid mountain and to Revelation Lodge. From the lodge, the second section of the gondola takes you 2/3rds up the hill to the beginning of some of the ski trails and to the Stoke Chair.

Once departing the gondola a short ski trail connects you to the Stoke Chair which takes you up to the top of the mountain and the beginning of the majority of blue and black ski runs. The Stoke Chair summits out at 2225 metres (7300 feet). To access the other side of the mountain where the Ripper Chair is located one must take a short walk along a Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing trail after exiting the Stoke Chair.

During and after an epic day of snowboarding and skiing there are many eateries to satisfy your hunger and thirst. The McKenzie Outpost  (top of gondola) is a small coffee shop/snack bar with an outdoor patio. The Revelation Lodge (mid mountain) is the main lodge with lots of seating, a cafeteria and a pub. The Rockford Bar & Grill is a restaurant and pub with a diverse menu. (village base).

Ski lift tickets can be purchased at the village base, online and from select vendors in the community. The Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort also provides on-mountain accommodations (Sutton Place Hotel), ski lessons, snow school, group programs, day spa and a ski shop.

Because the mountain is so large we experienced little line ups, we often had the tree runs to ourselves and on almost every occasion we took in amazing scenery. A big part of the “eh Team” Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing experience were our classic face plants, wipe outs and banter. Why? Because that is what we do. Watch our video and meet the real deal “eh Team” Brothers on location.

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Revelstoke Mountain Resort 

Toll free: 1.866.373.4754
Phone: 1.250.814.0087
Fax: 1.250.837.4675
On-Mountain Emergency: 250.814.5055

Box 2460
2950 Camozzi Road
Revelstoke, B.C.
V0E 2S1

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