Lovin' the Snow on PEI, Canada

Jack Frost was nippin’ at my toes. A cold breeze slithered against my button red cheeks. My nose would make Rudolph proud. All the right conditions for a fantastic day in the snow. Snow is not evil, depressing or messy. Not in our world anyway. Snow is a welcomed change and a reminder that we in Canada have four seasons to play and work in.

The snow finally arrived on the southern tip of Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is here, on P.E.I, where we are working winter spending our nights and days building websites, marketing and writing adventure stories from our research and photos. It is a creative place, a peaceful place and a necessary escape so to build the Canada EH Travel & Adventure Guide.

We have been waiting for Mother Nature to get busy and start dropping the white stuff on us. She has taken her time. I guess she was busy in the Rockies and out on the westcoast and northern territories. OH sure, she has teased us with a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there. But nothing stayed around to play for very long. And then one night it began… snow began to fall and it kept falling.

The next morning the ground was covered in deep snow. The following days, the snowflakes shrunk in size, but they kept on falling. Today, the snow is still here and the sun is out shining. The snow, smooth like a mirror, reflects the glare of the sun up into your face. You feel the warmth, but it is a blinding warmth.

Confederation Trail near Murray River, PEI, Canada.

We like seasons. We like them very much. Every season is a new reason to play. We are so very lucky not to have summer weather all year round. Seriously… think about it… it would limit adventures and scenery to only one season. Here in Canada we get every season in big doses. How great is that.

What is there not to like. There are sunshine summers, wildflower springs, autumn leaves and winter snowfall. Imagine no winter season… and we lose adventures which day dreams are made of and so is our history. Snowshoeing, ice fishing, ice climbing and dog sledding all part of growing Canada. Not to mention other Canadian winter activities which would no longer be part of who we are like xc skiing, ice caving, polar bears, northern lights, ice roads, glaciers, migrating whales, heli skiing, cat skiing, backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and ice skating and more


Learning to Snowboard at Brookvale Ski Hill on PEI

This year the snow has fallen in spurts and false starts. However that all changed a few days ago when the gates of snow were opened. It fell on us for days covering the hills, farm fields and frozen ocean bays. The wind soon followed, either blowing hard or just whispering. The wind helped form, what looks like a snow desert – carving the snow and polishing the surface smooth as glass… creating snow drifts and smooth rolling moonscapes.

Now that we have snow it is time to play. We started with a day trip researching Brookvale Park near Summerside, PEI. OH… and we just happen to have brought, in the back of our jeep, our snowboarding gear too. How lucky was that. And… the park has a ski hill.. oh what a surprise… and we just received a good dumping of snow too. Who would of thought it. All of our stars were aligned. LOL.

The Brookvale Ski Hill is the only downhill mountain on P.E.I. It is a small resort with a big heart. It is a community hill by most standards. It is not one of the big fancy international ski resorts. There is a lodge and a snack area, rentals and lessons. There is a main chairlift, green hill and 8 ski runs.

Icicle Art

The runs are slow rolling hills, not steep and not tough for experienced skiers. It is a great hill for children and for skiers and snowboarders who wish to learn to ski and board. They are short and quick ski runs, not much for speed, but ideal for practicing balance and turns. Please note that Black Runs on Brookvale Ski Hill are Green or Blue Runs on most of the major ski hills.

On another day I went for a sightseeing drive for pleasure and for work. Snow was deep… I drive a jeep… (snicker, snicker) this was going to be fun. Sun was out, blue skies and no wind… it was all about the snow today.

Took my camera and went for a drive into Montague, PEI. The drive was grand. The trees dripping with snow, snowmobile tracks disappearing into the forests, ocean bays freezing over, the odd snowplow gutting ditches and people wearing toques, scarves and gloves. A typical Canadian winter day! I took many pictures of normal scenes, but with the snow the scenes seemed so much fresher.

Each season Mother Nature dresses herself differently. Each season provides new games and things to do. Do not limit yourself because of a season, dress up properly and celebrate every season as if it was your last… and the backyard of Canada is all yours to explore.


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