Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada
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Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may not have heard of

Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada Beaches of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Canada "What are the best beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may have not heard of and are worth checking out?"   What are…
2019 Canada Travel trends
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2019 Tourism Trends for Canada –

2019 Tourism Trends for Canada 15 trends and traveler habits we should keep an eye on in 2019 "Emerging 2019 tourism trends are interesting considering all that is happening on so many different fronts domestically, internationally and technologically." Below…
Merritt BC Blogging
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Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

Community Bloggers Growing Communities 3 Days of Community Blogging Training Unleashes 4 More Merritt BC Bloggers "... we just completed a second round of blog training with 4 new bloggers (plus 1) who are about to unleash their stories, experiences…
Merritt BC Canada Hammock Adventure
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Merritt BC Canada Campground – Hammock Adventure

Hammock Adventure in Merritt BC Canada Campground Golf cart 4x4ing around backcountry campground looking for ideal hammock location "Merritt BC Canada Campground adventure with the host of the Moon Shadows Campground. We take part in some…
winter top 100 in canada
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Winter TOP 100 In Canada List

Winter sometimes gets a bad rap. But for those of us who love snow and ice, it could not happen fast enough. "... spring is just around the corner so make the best of it!" Winter Top 100 in Canada List: There are so many reasons to get…
Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort
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Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Snowboarding & Skiing Mountain Resort "Being tree run enthusiasts we thought we died and went to snowboarding heaven," the eh Team Brothers. "I love snowboarding. It's probably my favorite winter sport. I love sitting on top…
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What You Do Not Know About Canada Ski Resorts?

What You Do Not Know About Canada Ski Resorts? We love snowboarding and skiing! It is the passion of in the winter. We look forward to featuring more ski resorts, more of the time - take more videos, photos and blast them…
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Tis the season to be dog sledding in Canada

Tis the season to be dog sledding. I would like to say a few words in honour of dog sledding,  "Hike, Mush and All Right" (terms for get moving);  "Gee" (turn right);  "Haw" (turn left);  "Easy" (slow down);  "Whoa" (stop) and "On By"…

Ski Revelstoke Mountain for the Epic Powder

Ski Revelstoke Mountain for the Epic Powder "Revelstoke Mountain does not disappoint. The mountain is home to some of the deepest powder and the longest runs we have ever boarded in Canada." Now that the ski and snowboard season has ended,…

Snowboarding Revelstoke Mountain w/ Zeal Optics HD Video Goggles

Zeal Optics HD Video Goggles Snowboarding and Skiing Revelstoke Mountain We received our Zeal Optics HD Video Goggles in the mail just prior to 70 cm of powder snow dumping onto the slopes of Revelstoke Mountain. Timing could not have been…

Dog Sledding : Winter Sightseeing for All Ages

We are going dog sledding! Why? Because dog sledding is a traveler's best friend for sightseeing during the winter season for all ages, abilities and disabilities. When notified our Mom was coming to our snow packed mountain village this Xmas…
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Meet Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures

Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures " Sharing my love of BC to guests is natural and instinctive... having travelled to over 30 countries I can honestly say there is nowhere I would rather be. I love sharing my enthusiasm and love for our landscape…
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Best Winter Murals in Canada

Best Winter Murals in Canada Too often, locals explore their own towns and provinces with blinders on. This is even more evident in the winter when people tend to stay indoors. Why is that when there is a whole new world of sights and sounds with…
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Snowmobiling : Born and Raised in Canada

Canadian Snowmobiling Cool Not Cold Snowmobiling, believe it or not, is a great adventure for sightseeing in Canada during the winter season. There are over 362,000+ kilometres (225,000 miles) of groomed and marked snowmobile trails in…

Mount Crabbe Snowboarding Wonderland of Weather

Mount Crabbe Snowboarding and a Crabby Drive Home Here at our winter office in New Brunswick Canada we have been fortunate enough to receive some really good snowfalls in the last couple of weeks. The snow melts some and then more falls…
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Why Canada in the Winter is a Good Place to Meet People

Canadians have a reputation as a friendly, sociable nation and the cold northern Canadian winter doesn't dampen their spirits. Some people wait for the cold weather to arrive so that they can enjoy their favorite winter activities while others…
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Happy is the Coming of Winter & Summer.

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." - Anton Chekhov.  You got that right Anton. And what makes many of them happy is the coming of the winter and summer seasons. When people look at the winter season they react…
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Wildlife Winter Survival Skills

We, as humanoids, have the privilege of adjusting our lifestyle, adventures and living conditions so to accommodate our own needs and standards of living during the upcoming frosty winter season. Some of us pass the time by reading…
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TOP 54 Reasons I Love Winter

Winter is so amazing in so many ways. Not only does the landscape and scenery change its dress during the season but some people change their attitudes. You can learn so much about the winter season from its people. Much of it is good and…
Come Storm Watching in Canada
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Stormwatching – Mother Nature Putting on a Show

One adventure season is ending while another begins on the west and east coasts of Canada. The late fall, winter and early spring seasons are fast approaching and with their arrival the winds increase in velocity, the rains arrive more…
Come Storm Watching in Canada

Highway of Screams

Living and growing up on Vancouver Island I am very accustomed to a certain type of sound when looking out my front window. While growing up at home there would be the sound of cars driving by the house. Some would putter along, some would…