Brickyard Beach


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Wildlife Watching

Brickyard Beach is located on the southwest coastline of Gabriola Island, which is part of the Gulf Islands Group located off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

The rocky beach is rich in history. It was once a site to brick manufacturers during the depression years. Today, there is still evidence of the old bricks located throughout the beach. However, most are crushed and mixed in with the sand because of storms, winds and human activity.

Brickyard Beach is located on False Narrows. The narrows separate Gabriola Island from Mudge Island and Vancouver Island. From the shore of the beach there are views of birds and marine activity. There are boats and kayaks often exploring the area. The narrows is a busy marine route used frequently by sailboats, fishing vessels and yachts.

From the shore of Brickyard Beach it is easy to see Mudge and the Pylades Islands. There are opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife viewing like sea birds, predator birds, seals and more.

During low tides the ocean water recedes and reveals a land of tidal pools. The tidal pools are full of marine life like sea anemones, crabs and star fish. Beachcombing, clam digging and sightseeing are also enjoyed at Brickyard Beach.

The beach is also a launch and landing point for kayaking. The close proximity to the bays and coves on Mudge and the Pylades Islands makes the beach ideal for launching a kayak.
Brickyard Beach, Gabriola Island, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada


Brickyard Beach
South Road

How To Get ToBrickyard Beach

From the BC Ferry Terminal on Gabriola Island follow South Road. Continue traveling on South Road pass the Golf Course. On your right look for the park entrance.
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