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North & South Pender Islands Travel

North and South Pender Islands are part of the southern Gulf Islands region of British Columbia, Canada. The two islands share a jagged coastline with secluded bays, rock bluffs and long narrow harbours - both islands are connected together by a wooden bridge. 

Pender Island Photo Gallery

The services important to travelers operating on North and South Pender Islands include accommodations, tours, coffee shops, restaurants, a general store, a bakery, a gas station, ATM , a liquor store, pubs, artist studios and more. Otter Bay on North Pender Island is also the location of the BC Ferry Terminal. 

South Pender Island is the more rural half of the Penders. There are few roads in the south end, but there are plenty of activities and adventures to be had. You see.. much of the south is protected by marine and mountain parks. The parks in the south include Mount Norman, Beaumont Park and Greenburn Lake Park. All parks are well maintained with much to offer. 

The Pender Islands measure 34 square kilometres. There are lakes, mountains, wetlands, estuaries, beaches and many ocean coves and bays. There are lakes like Roe, Magic, Buck and Greenburn Lakes. There are mountains too - Mt. Norman, Mt. Menzies and Mt. George. 

But it is the jagged coastline with so many bays and coves that attracts kayaking, sailing and boating to the islands. The list is large but here are some of the more popular coves and bays - Camp Bay, Bedwell Harbour, Port Browning, Shingle Bay, Irene Bay, Grimmer Bay, Otter Bay, Clam Bay and Hope Bay.

The landscape and the ocean waterways of Plumper Sound, Swanson Channel and Navy Channel provide a ideal environment for many outdoor activities. Some of the activities and adventures enjoyed on the Pender Islands include boating, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, fishing, cycling, picnicking, golfing, camping, birdwatching, swimming and beachcombing. 

Some island history is on North Pender Island in Roesland. It is a park for hiking, picnicking and sightseeing. Located on the west coast of North Pender Island there is a historic park with a museum, an island lake and a walking trail leading pass twisted arbutus trees to a point on Roes Islet. 

eh! Plan to Visit the Pender Islands today.