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Gabriola Island Adventure Travel

Gabriola Island is part of the central Gulf Islands Group located off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada near the Vancouver Island community of Nanaimo. The island is situated in the Strait of Georgia with the Northumberland Channel separating Gabriola from Vancouver Island.

Descano Regional Park

There are many art galleries and artisan studios located on Gabriola Island. The island is home to a high number of west coast artists. Some artists operate out of store fronts while most from private studios located on their properties.

Gabriola Island Photo GalleryGabriola Island is best known for its large collection of petroglyphs, sculptured sandstone rocks, marine parks and recreational activities. Some of the activities enjoyed on Gabriola island include kayaking, hiking, sailing, boating, scuba diving, beachcombing, sightseeing, wildlife watching, picnicking, swimming, birdwatching and fishing.

Many who visit Gabriola Island seem to always have a lasting impression of the sculptured sandstone rocks and petroglyphs. There are reportedly over 50 petroglyphs located on the island. The sandstone rocks are carved by time, the ocean and the west coast winds.

Sculptured sandstone rocks are located in Sandwell Provincial Park and the Malaspina Galleries. Malaspina Galleries is one of the better locations on any of the west coast islands for viewing sculptured sandstone rocks.

Across from Malaspina Galleries, overlooking Taylor Bay, is another park named Gabriola Sands Provincial Park or Twin Beach. The park is an isthmus with two ocean bays and two sandy beaches. very popular. Other destinations on Gabriola Island with sandy beaches include Brickyard Beach, Silva Bay and Sandwell Provincial Park.

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