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Mayne Island Travel & Adventure

Mayne Island, BC is part of the Southern Gulf Islands Group of British Columbia, Canada. The 23 square kilometre island enjoys a some beautiful waterfront parks, many outdoor activities and plenty of ocean scenery and history. 

Mayne Island Photo Gallery

History on Mayne Island is depicted through its buildings and museums. Some of the history includes the 1885 Georgina Point Lighthouse; the 1892 Springwater Lodge (said to be the longest running hotel in British Columbia); the 1896 Plumper Pass Lockup (local museum); the 1898 St. Mary Magdalene Church and the 1890s agricultural hall; 

Mayne Island is situated near many populated islands on the west coast of British Columbia. The island is located south of Galiano Island, west of Saturna Island, east of Saltspring Island, north of Pender Island and near the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Piggott Bay, Bennett Bay and Campbell Bay are great for swimming. Bennett Bay is considered one of the better beaches on the island. There are 14 beach access points in total on the island. Mayne Island is also a gateway island to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. The reserve is a very popular boating, sailing and kayaking destination.

Mayne Island has a few park destinations with amazing ocean views and history. Georgina Point Park is an easy access park with marine views and a historic lighthouse. Campbell Point is one of the more popular hiking trails leading to a viewpoint and more ocean and marine views. For mountain views overlooking the Gulf Islands and the surrounding ocean channels visit the Mt. Parke Regional Park. 

During many adventures or while exploring some of the parks on the island there are opportunities for viewing wildlife. Some of the wildlife spotted on or near Mayne Island include seals, whales, deer, beaver, sea lions and otters. For birdwatchers the island is rich in waterfowl, sea birds and predator birds including Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, hummingbirds and many finches. 

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