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Thetis Island Travel Tourism

Thetis Island, BC is part of the Gulf Islands Group located off the east coast of central Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The small island is only 10 square kilometres in size and neighbors the First Nation island of Kuper Island and the Wallace Island Provincial Marine Park.

Thetis Island Photo GalleryThe small island enjoys a rural lifestyle and an active marine coastline. On the north end of the island are Pilkey Point, North Cove and Fraser Point. On the south end of the island are Sunrise Point, Clam Bay, Telegraph Harbour and Preddy Harbour. All sightseeing destinations.

Telegraph Harbour is the main access point on Thetis Island. The harbour is busy with floatplanes, yachts, sailing and fishing boats. There is a post office and a local general store located at the docks in Telegraph Harbour. 

There is no commercial centre on the island per say. There are, however, some gift shops, art studios, cottage rentals, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations. Most who live on the island do most of their shopping in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The island enjoys a peaceful and quiet existence. 

There are a few great trails, backroads, sandy beaches and cliff lookouts on Thetis Island. All enjoy amazing marine views and wildlife watching opportunities - in particular birds. There are eagles, sea gulls, osprey, oyster catchers and blue herons.

The bays, coves and the surrounding marine parks provide an opportunity for many ocean activities. The waterway channels, islets and reefs around Thetis Island are popular for kayaking, boating, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and wildlife watching adventures. There are few charters in the region providing sightseeing tours, fishing and scuba diving charters. 

Connected to Thetis Island is Kuper Island. The islands are connected by mud flats that were dredged in 1903 so boats could pass. Kuper Island is home to the First Nation people. There is a BC Ferry route connecting Thetis to Kuper Island operating daily. 

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