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Sointula Travel Tourism & Adventure

Sointula is a small village on Malcolm Island located off the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Along with Cormorant Island (Alert Bay), Malcolm Island is part of a diverse group of islands which make up the Northern Gulf Islands.

Sointula Sunset

Sointula ( a Finnish word meaning harmony ) is the only village on Malcolm Island. Proud of its deep Finnish heritage, this (non-ATM machine) island is void of big city amenities. The community is connected to Vancouver Island via marine travel in the form of boats, kayaks and the BC Ferries. The services available on the island are limited. The community centre includes a general store, museum and gas station.

Sointula Photo Gallery

Sointula on Malcolm Island is a vacation destination suited for individuals looking to enjoy amazing ocean scenery, colorful sunsets, peaceful surroundings and plenty opportunity for alone time. For the more active there are opportunities for hiking, biking and photography. Arrive with your own water craft and there are limitless kayaking, boating and sailing routes located throughout the region including the Broughton Archipelago.

One of the highlights on the island are the sandy and pebbled beaches. Beaches which are beautiful and private with barely a soul in sight. Yes, you can enjoy a beach with no crowds when on Malcolm Island. Some beaches are located right off the main road. Other beaches require a hike along a forested trail to access. All beaches provide plenty of quality time.

Sointula has a marina. The marina is visited by pleasure boats like yachts and sailboats.. and working boats like fishing vessels and water taxis. There are marine tours and guides available for wildlife viewing and island exploration. Some of the wildlife in the region includes Bald Eagles, whales, porpoises and deer.

Some of the highlight hiking and sightseeing adventures on the island include Bere Point , Beautiful Bay Trail and the Pultenay Point Lighthouse. It is a manned lighthouse, one of the few left in British Columbia, Canada. Sointula is also a jump off point for exploring the Broughton Archipelago.

eh! Plan to Visit Sointula today.