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Savary Island, BC, Canada has kept things simply beautiful over time. Miles of secluded and peaceful sandy beaches from Green Point (Mace Point) to Indian Point. The beach island is a popular beach day destination for lounging, sightseeing and exploring. The island is a very popular off shore moorage stop for boats on their way to or coming back from Desolation Sound.

Gulf Islands Photo Gallery Savary Island is accessed by a foot passenger water taxi ferry service with a limited schedule and capacity. Peak seasons there is 2-3 boats running. the water taxi service will transport luggage, bikes and travel gear. Many arrive on the island by kayak,floatplane or leisure boat when visiting or commuting to and from Savary Island.

There are very few vehicles on the island traveling the gravel roads. Most visitors and locals are riding bicycles or walking. few paved roads moving people from one end of the 5 mile long island to the other.

The Sliammon First Nation people refer to the island as "Ahyus" named after a two headed sea serpent that once was rumored to live in the caves in the area. One day, it is said, the monster went on an eating frenzy munching on fish, seals, whales and people. The gods reacted. "The Great Transformer" was so upset with this act of mass consumption, that he changed the serpent into the island we now know as Savary Island.

The occupants once living on Savary Island include Gold Rush miners, First Nations people and Union Steamship sailors arriving during the Great Depression. Today, the island is a popular destination in the summer season drawing people from around the world to play on the sandy beaches. There are eateries on the island, but no public bathrooms.

The island landscape is varied ranging from the beautiful spanning sandy beach areas, to the rock cliffs at Green Point. On our visit there was a Blue Heron perched on the cliffs watching a tug boat pull a load of timber.

Located on Savary Island, is one of the largest ever Arbutus Trees still standing and shedding it's bark. 

Some of the highlights to visit include Mermaid Rock. A small statue carved on top of one of the big boulders exposed on the sandy beach. From the water taxi turn right and follow the beach past Second Point.

Access to Savary Island:

Drive to Lund, BC. From the harbour (parking limited) arrange boating transportation or board the Lund Water Taxi which provides foot passenger ferry service to Savary Island. The water taxi service is very busy in the peak seasons so reservations are recommended.

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