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Denman Island Travel, Tourism

Denman Island, BC is a central Gulf Island located off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada and off the east coast of Vancouver Island. The island is the larger of two islands situated off the coastline. The other island being Hornby Island.

Repulse Point

Denman Island is only 19 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide. The coastline of the island is decorated in cliffs, bluffs and sandy beaches. To the east of Denman Island is Lambert Channel and to the west is Baynes Sound. Both popular marine routes.

Denman Island Photo GalleryHome to many artists. There are art tours operating on the island visiting many of the local art galleries and studios. Some of the artists include painters, potters and sculptors.

Denman Island may be small but there is plenty to do. Some of the activities enjoyed include kayaking, boating, camping, sailing, fishing, beachcombing, birdwatching, wildlife watching, picnicking, swimming, farm tours, sightseeing, hiking and scuba diving.

On the northern tip of Denman Island is Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park and on the southern tip is Chrome Island and Boyle Point Provincial Park. Sandy Island is popular for kayaking and beachcombing. Boyle Point is popular for its rocky bluffs, sightseeing and hiking. And there is a lighthouse on Chrome Island too.

From the bluffs in Boyle Point Park to the sandy beach in Fillongley Park to the islands off shore there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. Some of the wildlife includes deer, sea lions, seals, osprey, oyster catchers, pheasants, herons, and predator birds like Bald Eagles and hawks!

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