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Galiano Island Adventure Travel

Galiano Island is located in the Southern Gulf Islands off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. The elongated 57 square kilometre island is the closest Gulf Island to the city of Vancouver and the mainland of British Columbia. 

Galiano Island Beach

Galiano Island is said to be, " The Jewel of the Strait of Georgia". It is one of the more rocky islands of the Southern Gulf Islands with mountains, bluffs, cliffs and reefs. It is a forested island with Douglas Fir, arbutus, red cedar and Garry Oak trees. There are sandy and pebbled beaches - some with crushed sea shells dating back 3000 years.

Galiano Island Photo Gallery

The main village on Galiano Island is in Sturdies Bay. In Sturdies Bay, Montague Harbour and throughout the island are services important to travelers. Some of the services available include accommodations, tour companies, grocery stores, a pub, a bakery, gift stores and a gas station. Throughout the island and especially in the rural north are art galleries and artisan studios.

Galaiano Island enjoys a very good selection of parks and trails. Include the waterways like Active Pass, Porlier Pass and Trincomali Channel.. and the sandy beaches, secluded bays and coves plus the surrounding islands and islets - Galaino Island is a good recreation destination for many activities. Some of the activities enjoyed from Galiano Island include kayaking, boating, sailing, scuba diving, hiking, birdwatching, wildlife watching, camping, beachcombing, sightseeing, picnicking and swimming.

Many of the activites explore the parks on Galiano Island. Montague Harbour Provincial Park was one of the first parks in the Gulf Islands. There is a marina, beach and a day use area for visitors. Dionisio Point Marine Provincial Park on the northern tip of the island is more rural, best accessed by ocean, with two secluded bays and a few private sandy beaches.

There are opportunities to explore trails while hiking, sightseeing, picnicking and birdwatching on Galiano Island. Bluffs Park explores cliffs and forests revealing marine views. The rocky lookouts, picnic area and hiking trail in Matthews Point Park connects with Bluffs Park. Bodega Ridge Trail is a cliffside and forest route exposing far reaching ocean and island views. Bodega Ridge is also home to the peregrine falcon, bald eagle and turkey vulture. There are 130+ different bird species on Galiano Island.

Being a mountainous island the adventures on the island expose many ocean and island views. Parks and trails on the island provide views overlooking Mayne Island, Parker Island, Valdes Island, Wallace Island Marine Park, Gossip Island and the mainland of British Columbia.

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