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We have been operating tourism websites on these 3 domains since 1998. However, the domains no longer fit into our current business model for development, as we are now a Western and Northern Canada website expanding across the country into Eastern & Atlantic Canada under a national domain

No where online can you acquire city domains like and anymore. Once in a blue moon do these types of highly saught after city domains become available. They are not only desired domains, but they are well suited for search engines and online marketing. 

The domain is ideal for companies marketing resorts, retreats, vacation homes, and multiple accommodations. The doamin includes highly searched words like accommodations and Vancouver Island making marketing, brand identity and advertising effective.  

In your contact email include the domain, your contact name, business, phone number and offer price.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN OFFER. has the right to refuse any offer it deems unacceptable. 


Sponsor Parks, Trails, Beaches, Historic Sites, Lakes, Rivers & Places.

2016aSo you really love this one park, trail, lake, etc in Canada. It is your "go to" place. It is home to some of your best memories. It is a place for solitude. It is where you get your adrenaline on. Well, now you can sponsor it and show your appreciation for all the joy it has brought you.


Can you imagine what your friends & family will say when they see you as the sponsor of your favourite park, trail, beach, lake, river, historic site!

Look for this sponsor4 logo on any page on our website and you can pledge your support for that park, trail, etc.

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HOW TO SPONSOR: Go to our website. Join our Social Travel Community for free so you can interact and post. Contact us (link below) with the park, trail, etc. you want to sponsor and we will send you a confirmation email and then post your name on the park as the sponsor for 1 full year!

For only $25 a year you can be the "Biggest Fan" of your favourite park, trail, historic site, beach, lake, river, etc on Canada's largest and first interactive social travel website. It is that easy. Sponsor 3 for the price of 2 and you really have some bragging rights on a website viewed by millions.

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Join today and support nature tourism, the outdoors, the preservation of wildlife, the environment and, activity tourism. Start playing an active & bigger role in our national movement to protect and promote the many benefits of our favourite outdoor activity destinations.


1.Join our travel community for FREE on our website and create your profile just like you would on Facebook and Twitter. Click on this link. (Businesses sign up for $69 a year to qualify for sponsorship)

2. Contact us with the park, trail, lake, etc. you want to sponsor. Tell us why so we can post it on our website's Social Travel Interactive Wall and on social media. Include your email. Click on this link.


IMPORTANT: If the park, trail, historic site, beach, lake, river, etc. is not posted on our website yet, then take the initiative and sign up for free and then create the page and waive the $25 sponsorship donation for the first year. Create Page Now

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