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Add information pages, tips, stories, announcements, press releases to the website showcasing your expertise, knowledge and passion for your community, activity and Canada. Is there a park, trail, beach you would like to add to your community? Do you have some travel advice to share? What about a great travel story, event, video?

If it is not already posted, then create it, publish it and get credit for it on our website where all can see!



1. Check to see if someone else has already provided information.

2. Do research online for facts (if applicable) like length of trail, park size, type of activities, details, highlights, dates, etc.

3. Prepare (write out draft) text first on your word processor prior to upload. Then copy and paste into proper fields. Use our online editor to format.

4. Main text should be at least 500 words.

5. Always include at least 1 photo (if you can downsize it to 800 X 500 pixels that would be very Canadian of you).

CONTRIBUTE CONTENT TO THE WEBSITE AND IT BECOMES PART OF THE WEBSITE ASSISTING TRAVELERS! EVERY CONTRIBUTION IS LIKE CREATING AN AD DIRECTLY LINKING TO YOU and/or YOUR BUSINESS! has the right to edit content prior to approval so to maintain high standards, accuracy and professionalism.