Using Travel Tips for Business / Blog / Photography Promotions

Travel Tips Content Marketing

“Businesses, bloggers and photographers use content marketing travel tips for creating promotions for their business.”

There are many ways to implement content marketing on All of them operate on the same principles and formats making it easy to use. Today we are going to discuss travel tips.


Every business, blogger and photographer is fortunate enough to have a large collection of  travel tips in their repertoire to share with travelers. Why not use that experience and knowledge to further your business with advertising thus creating trust with the traveler. Now you can with our website content marketing tools.


For example the effect can be far reaching. Tourism businesses could provide tips on selecting accommodations, tours, guides or attractions. Photographers could provide tips on taking photos, gear reviews and activity routes as many hike, canoe, kayak to access prime photo shoots. Bloggers can talk tips about food, communities, transportation and more. Why is sharing travel tips such a powerful tool to promote your services or blog on Simple! Travelers prefer to deal with individuals who are experienced and who are knowledgeable.


Every travel tip contributed to the website creates additional promotions therefore exposing your services to more travelers in different target markets. Submitting travel tips identifies you and/or your business, blog , photography as an expert and someone who is knowledgeable on the subject. Every piece of content contributed highlights your business as the author and expert creating trust. The traveler seeing you know your stuff can link to your business profile from the content and immediately book with you bypassing your competition.

Travel tips is one of the better ways to show your level of knowledge and for gaining trust with travelers. Who do you think a traveler is going to contact first? Are they going to contact a business with no proof of experience or are they going to contact a business with helpful content posted throughout the website? Bottom line content marketing like travel tips provides an opportunity for participating businesses, bloggers and photographers to promote themselves, create additional advertising based on the number of times they contribute content.

Participating businesses receive a Membership Listing in their community and region. But it is up to the business to create advertising that reaches far beyond a community listing. Membership has many rewards when working with eh Canada Travel. One of the most effective tools available to advertising members is our new content marketing tools.

In a nut shell, each piece of content creates an additional advertisement of your business which is posted to a community, region, province and/or nationally depending on the content. That newly created content is now advertising your business for the life of your business with us.

Piggyback marketing with content marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business long term to new target markets. The more quality content you create the more you advertise your business. Simple!


The “eh Team” of (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) are the brother team of Greg and Colin Girard. Together they are the brains behind the website which is the largest and fastest growing booking, planning and interactive tourism and travel website for Western and Northern Canada – currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.


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