How to Maintain Your Tourism Advertising Listing

” The importance of creating a Membership Listing and then to continue to maintain and update the listing as your business changes and grows.”

So you have signed up and have your User Name and Password safely stored and your Membership Profile looks professional decorated with an avatar and cover photo. Nicely done. Now ask yourself this. Have you clicked on the “Add My Business Listing” link (top of page) on your Member Profile so to add your tourism advertising listing.


If no, that should be your next priority. If yes, then a tourism advertising listing module should be visible on your profile on the left hand side under your avatar, next to your Status Update stream. Anytime you want to update your tourism advertising or change your ad click on this module and change what you need to change instantly.


Why stop there… every submission is another advertisement promoting your business, blog, photography so why not make it a habit to always post while logged in.

The easy “go to” thing to do is post a quick Status Update on your profile with a photo or video so you can get instantly published on the Live Travel Community Feeds located on the front pages of every province and territory.

Another thing you could do which is very effective is post Content in your community, province or territory so you have a permanent page of information published in a community section like parks, trails, historic site, beach, etc. Every submission you post, you get the credit, markets your talents and services and links to your Member Profile.

We are confident you are knowledgeable in your field and often are asked for advice by guests and travelers. Why not put that knowledge to work for you. Create an article for the Travel Tips section. What better way to increase a following or to gain the trust of travelers than to identify yourself as knowledgeable and as an expert. Travel Tips could include any sort of advice like what to bring when zip lining, the best fishing lures to use in the fall, how to rent an RV, what to look for in a B&B, how to improve your golf swing, what is a j-stroke in kayaking, etc? Travel tips are quick to assemble and are featured on the front pages of the provinces, territories and Canada. Again you get the credit and you are the expert on that topic.

Lastly, you could publish information about anything tourism, travel and adventure like a community visit, a road trip, an event, a historical fact, visiting an attraction, a landmark, a recipe, etc and publish it under Travel Stories which is highlighted in your community and on the front pages of the provinces, territories and Canada. Again you get the credit and you are the expert on that topic.

Remember Facebook and Twitter when you started, how it took time to get the hang of it. This is no different except the faster you you get going the more promotions you distribute around the website and the more people you draw into your business generating revenues.

Link to More Help Videos and Text (Q&EH):


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