Why is it Important to Support Private Tourism DMOs.

Why is it Important to Support Private Tourism DMOs like ehCanadaTravel.com?

“We hope our passion for Canada and Canadians transforms into your support and understanding of why tourism associations need competition.”

The tourism industry in Canada is largely made up of Government funded public tourism associations and out-of-country big corporate booking only websites managed by a few large corporations. Why is that? It is because the rules, access to funding and the will of the powerful associations in Canada do not want competition. 

So why is ehCanadaTravel.com important to Canadians? Why is it important Canadians support a company like ehCanadaTravel.com? What is in it for Canadians to back ehCanadaTravel.com? We provide 10 reasons below:

1. Canadians like an underdog story.  Two brothers, following tragedy, sell everything and make drastic lifestyle changes by changing careers and embarking on a coast to coast to coast national tourism research project with little to no money.


2. Canadians must ask themselves are they comfortable with relying on information coming from one source? A source that often does not have first hand knowledge but instead regurgitates knowledge passed onto them. ehCanadaTravel.com is one of the only Canadian tourism websites out there who provide real experiences, real information and foot on the ground knowledge because they have been there and done that.

3. Information on tourism association websites is collected and then distributed by tourism officials. Canadians have very little input or say in the matter. ehCanadaTravel.com allows Canadians to provide the information so they can have a direct impact on their own communities, their adventure destinations and their country using the interactive and content marketing tools available on the ehCanadaTravel.com website.

4. Tourism businesses receive a listing on most tourism websites under an appropriate category. With ehCanadaTravel.com tourism businesses and travelers receive a Membership which enables them to have complete control of their promotions and, therefore, can enhance their advertising based on their content contributions to the website. In essence businesses and travelers can create hundreds of pages of information throughout Canada based on their contributions.

5. Greed is not a factor. The brothers promote tourism because they love tourism. It is not a job, it is a choice. It definitely is not for the pay cheque. 

6. Tourism associations are publicly funded with Canadian tax payer money every year. ehCanadaTravel.com is privately operated and is funded by advertising earned from supporting tourism accommodations, transportation companies, tours, guides, restaurants, book publishers, adventure companies and travelers. We earn our keep. 

7. In an industry which is overseen by very powerful tourism associations makes for little room for competition. You would think Canadians would want to have competition to keep everything in check.

8. Competition is not welcomed in the tourism industry by many of these large associations. In fact ehCanadaTravel.com has been bullied, threatened and has come under attack by some associations in the past. You think Canadians would want to cheer for the little guy in this epic David and Goliath saga.

9. Canadians should be informed that their choices are limited in their region. Every Canadian should ask themselves one important question, “Name a tourism association in your province?” The answer is always the provincial body like Hello BC, Tourism Saskatchewan, etc. Then they should ask themselves to name another one. That is when the conversation usually ends because their is no other major Canadian player in the region. This should make Canadians want a choice, support a choice.

10. Canadians are what makes Canada special. Canadians make smart decisions on who and why they back and support various entities. ehCanadaTravel.com is not perfect, but they are real people trying to make a difference in a very competitive situation.

It is Your Country. Your Voice. Your Time. Make a difference and book, plan your travels with ehCanadaTravel.com… and during your travels mention you saw their business on ehCanadaTravel.com. Thank You!

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