Press Release: Social Travel Canadian Website Launches Interactive Manitoba (Technology & Tourism)

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Press Release: Social Travel Canadian Website Launches Interactive Manitoba.

Canadian Brothers are changing the way Canadian tourism is promoted online as they continue expanding eastward.

Parksville, BC, Canada (February 22nd) – eh Canada Travel announced the addition of Manitoba, Canada to their interactive, content marketing driven national travel and tourism website, eh Canada Travel penned the term “Social Travel” which describes the interactive nature of their website providing a more engaging user experience. Key features of the site include social media, status updates, likes, shares, follows, 6 live scrolling travel community walls, as well as, 15 content marketing tools which enables travelers, Canadians, and businesses to add content to the website including parks, trails, beaches, rivers, lakes, historic sites, viewpoints, travel tips, travel stories, communities and more.

Unlike static information posted on traditional travel and tourism websites, eh Canada Travel encourages travelers, locals and businesses to contribute their real-time experiences, knowledge and content to the website therefore becoming part of the website assisting travelers visiting their region. With every contribution the business, traveler, local is featured as the author alongside the post or on the top of the page. Credit is given to the individual or business that posts the content.

The capability to interact directly will enable the businesses to participate in the tourism marketing of their region in real time and better understand traveler preferences and tendencies, most importantly, content contributions further extends their global marketing reach. In addition, eh Canada Travel business members will be able to use the technology to create 100’s of ads every year based on their contributions. No more buying 1 ad and waiting for results. With eh Canada Travel, once you are a member the skies the limit on how many ads you want to market with based on content contributions.

“Tourism needs to change to be relevant on the world stage. Social Travel is what we call interactive tourism. The people who hike the trails, live in the communities, fish the lakes, golf the courses are the experts and now they have a international platform to share their experiences and get the credit,” says co founding brother, Colin Girard.

The site’s social media and interactive look, combined with enhanced content, improved search functionality, and optimization for mobile devices allows consumers to better interact with eh Canada Travel online. Promotional areas throughout the website provide the opportunity to book with businesses directly and to research parks, trails, historic sites, rivers, lakes, beaches, etc., as well as, travel deals and events.

“Our mission is to connect Canada on one website, not just for booking accommodations and attractions but also for planning and researching activity destinations therefore extending seasons and increasing the length of stays in the region,” said Greg Girard, Chief Tourism Marketing Officer. “The interactive, real time design of the site provides an innovative platform for travelers, businesses and Canadians to share their expertise, experiences and knowledge, and—ultimately—play a large part in creating Canada online as a top travel destination in the world”

The website allows for the creation of current information, opinions and facts from the people who are on the ground, doing the adventures, exploring the communities and visiting the businesses.

The Manitoba, Canada section of the website will be rolled out at the end of February 2016 with the rest of Eastern and Atlantic Canada online by the spring of 2017.

About eh Canada Travel and Adventure

eh Canada Travel and Adventure, is the largest privately-operated Canadian website and the only booking, planning and interactive website in Canada. Headquartered in Parksville, BC, Canada – with a satellite office in Revelstoke, BC – eh Canada Travel Tourism Ambassadors travel from community to community documenting tourism, researching activity destinations and meeting with tourism businesses. eh Canada Travel and Adventure is a social travel, interactive website covering over 320 communities, 4500 parks, trails, historic sites, beaches, lakes, rivers, etc and over 14,000 photos – all complimented by an award winning blog and supported by 12 social media channels. Co founding brothers, Colin and Greg Girard, have spent 7 straight years on the road researching Canada from Tofino, BC to Cape Spear, Newfoundland for this project. eh Canada Travel is consistently at the forefront of innovation, using digital technology to create unique travel experiences and expand the reach of its businesses through content. You can visit eh Canada Travel online at:

For More Information Contact:

Greg Girard
#54-120 Finholm N. Street
Parksville, B.C, v9p-1j5
Office Phone: 1.250.818.1925
Toll Free (Canada): 1.877.923.3764


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Press Release: New Generation Social Travel Canadian Website Launches Interactive Manitoba.
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