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Hiking Northern Ontario Sudbury Camino  - While there are a number of Canadian Caminos and trekking routes across the Atlantic region and Quebec it is also wonderful to find that there are pilgrim routes in Ontario as well!

In Ontario there are two trails which lay claim to being pilgrimage routes – the Sudbury Camino developed by the Rainbow Routes Association and the Pilgrimage to Martyr's Shrine in Midland Ontario!

The Sudbury Camino, is an urban pilgrimage which utilizes parts of the urban pathway system, the Rainbow routes trails, and the Trans Canada Trail system taking those who venture on it along Moonlight Beach, through the rugged Laurentian campus, past Science North, the downtown market and beyond!

 "...journey invites you to challenge yourself, explore and appreciate our community by foot and pause to reflect at the peaks and lookouts along the journey..."
Sudbury Camino

Sudbury Camino Route 

One of the most intriguing and beautiful Canadian Caminos is the one found in Sudbury Ontario.

Developed in conjunction with the Sudbury Parks system and Rainbow Routes Association. The Sudbury Camino was inspired by the trail to Santiago Spain as a local experience to allow people to challenge themselves and to push their limits as well as a means to slow down and reflect upon the world around us. The Sudbury Camino route traverses the city of Sudbury taking pilgrims through its beautiful greenspaces, parks, downtown core, and natural spaces.

Sudbury Camino 2020 Route

Each year the Rainbow Routes Association develops to new routes being proposed allowing hikers to participate annually, learn about the city and visit new natural areas regularly!

Sudbury Camino 2021 Route

Pilgrimage Details

The Sudbury Camino's route is 30km in length taking users from the Kinsmen Sports Complex to Moonlight Beach entirely along the Trans Canada Trail. While it is one of the shortest Caminos we have found it is also one of the most accessible and easily completed routes to undertake as it is set along a series of extremely well maintained pathways close to city amenities. As a result it can also be easily accessed along the route and therefore accommodates shorter day hikes for 30km, 21km, 15km or 4 km segments.

While travelling the Sudbury Camino hikers can also take a selfie at a number of different stations along the route to affirm that they have trekked the path. These images can then be submitted to get a personalized certificate of accomplishment! 

Hidden Gems of Sudbury Ontario Canada

Among the amazing places the Sudbury Camino takes pilgrims are past Science North, an amazing museum, located on the shoreline of Ramsey Lake whose buildings are designed in the shape of snowflakes. Just a few steps off the Sudbury Camino, Jim Gordon boardwalk and Rainbow Route Trails, Science North includes an IMAX cinema, Planetarium, displays on local Geology, butterflies, natural history, and engineering.

Further along the trail and of particular interest to pilgrims is the beautiful site of the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes located in the heart of the city of Sudbury. The Grotto is an isolated forested hill which overlooks the surrounding neighbourhoods. This site is a hidden gem in Sudbury that allows people to rest and relax, enjoy beautiful flower gardens, visit the stations of the Cross, walk a Celtic reflection labyrinth , enjoy a Greek fountain, meander along a dedication pathway, and visit the shrine to the Lady of Lourdes.

Hiking across Sudbury Ontario

While annual group treks are regularly planned by the city, anyone can hike along the way throughout the year and receive recognition for their achievement. Consequently, information and maps are available online and include sectional directions and commentary. In the past few years this route has been an amazing success inspiring increasing participation!

To read about and see what the Sudbury region and the Sudbury Camino route looks like check out our blogs of our time on The Great Trail in Sudbury Ontario.

 Hiking Northern Ontario Sudbury Camino

 "... Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time..." 
Steven Wright

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Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada
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