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Canada Content Marketing Influencers come in all shapes and sizes and, more importantly, price ranges and results. Some have high followers but little engagement. That is not good for Canada, nor for the reputation of Canadian influencers. Most high profile influencers search out urban and corporate clients because that is where the money is. That means small communities are left out again! Until now. However, it is safe to say, that not all content marketing influencers are created equal. Not even close.

Dr. Sonya Richmond - Canada Influencer. Photo credit: Sean Morton
Samantha Sewell - British Columbia Influencer. Photo credit: Samantha Sewell.

Types of Canada Content Marketing Influencers

Most content creators specialize in social media. It is a "15 minutes of fame" thing I think. Consequently, what this means, is that their content will focus on one platform like Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. Therefore, for any to do well, they must have a high number of followers who engage.  Real or fake followers will determine engagement rates? 'Cause now you can buy fake followers. 

Another form of content marketing, a more effective technique, is creating authentic stories and information pages which position well on the first page of multiple search engines for a variety of different high profile keyword search terms. Find an influencer who can do both, social and search engines, and you are on the right track.

Cary Horning- Canada Adventure Seeker. Photo credit: Cary Horning
Janel Coe is a Toronto Canada Foodie and Art Influencer. Photo credit: Janel Coe.

Search Engine Canadian Influencers

Search engine (SEO) focused influencers create stories about anything and everything under the sun. And good influencers will position that story on the first page of search engines for multiple keyword search terms. However, real good influencers will create content which has a shelf life of 2 -3 years on the first page of search engines. Now that is results! There are hundreds of variables search engine bots diagnose when positioning content on their platforms. Good SEO marketers know them and apply them. And provide the analytics to back them up. 

Kim Kenyon - Victoria BC Blogger. Photo credit: Kim Kenyon
Andrea Horning - Canada Adventure Seeker. Photo credit: Andrea Horning.

Social Media Influencers in Canada

Canada social media influencers are the fastest growing segment of the content marketing industry. They are everywhere. They post to social media, hoping for shares and engagement. Some social posts live a short life and scroll down the feed out of sight. Social media content has a very short shelf life unless it is widely shared. But when scheduled and marketed effectively, via cross platforms and search engines, it can have a profound effect on the overall engagement results.

Research Canadian Influencers

The simple fact is that the influencer market is not what you see. Do your own research. The word of another, who may think he/she knows best, may be inaccurate, uninformed and bias. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on an influencer strategy.

  • Look up their social media and compare the followers to the number of people who engaged with their content and/or post. If they claim high followers but show low engagement, then, as they say in space "Houston we have a problem?"
  • Do they have other platforms like websites, blogs, and/or social media which distribute your content to a larger market.  Are they included? 
  • Ask for examples of search engine and social media content from all Canada Content Marketing Influencers. What is the shelf life of the content as compared to the price?
  • Have they won any awards and accolades? Consequently, is their work recognized in anyway? Ask for references and testimonials. This shows credibility. 

BEST Canada Content Marketing Influencers

The Canada Adventure Seeker Club is an award-winning group of, home-grown, Canadian content marketing influencers who meet every month to learn new skills and storytelling techniques. The group acts as one, distributing content across a national award winning adventure travel website, multiple high engagement social media channels and positions content on the first page of search engines for top keyword phrase searches. That is influencer marketing. That is what Canada Adventure Seekers do well.

The Experience Community Program

Today's tourism industry provides Canada influencer programs or platforms made for urban centres and/or corporations. These massive programs require staff, time, skills and funding to operate and maintain.  None of which small towns have. The Experience Community Program was created for small towns. It trains passionate locals on authentic content creation skills populating their own community website and social media channels, as well as, creating content for the first page of search engines. It is an influencer program involving an entire community.

Influencer Awards and Accolades

When it comes to Canada Content Marketing Influencers, our storytellers and many platforms have won numerous awards and international accolades. Here are just a few. If you would like to view the entire list of awards and testimonials please visit

BEST in Canada

"[i]n a relatively short space of time [Tourism Nicola Valley] has clearly created something unique in the market that is making a big difference to people in the community. The program is both informative and educational and really helps put a focus on local businesses and what they do well. There is no question [that] the program will encourage more to visit the region. We are very pleased to recognize [this] hard work." 

by Tom Avon - Canada Prestige Awards
Best in British Columbia, Canada

"the BCEDA has given these awards to individuals and groups who have dedicated their time to community-based economic development. These awards recognize BCEDA members' outstanding work in supporting their local economies, and making a meaningful difference in their communities." 

by Dale Wheeldon - BCEDA President and CEO

Contact Us

Interesting in learning more about becoming a Canada Adventure Seeker or signing up your community on our Experience Community platform and training program or bring some of our award-winning Seekers to your community please reach out and we can discuss options and requirements.  Please contact us at media(at)ehcanadatravel(dot)com . We would love to listen with you.

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EH Canada Marketing Group on Saturday, 05 November 2022 19:07

This was the article we used for the current training session with new Seekers for storytelling and creating blogs. Already positions on first page of Google for "Canada Content Marketing Influencers".

This was the article we used for the current training session with new Seekers for storytelling and creating blogs. Already positions on first page of Google for "Canada Content Marketing Influencers".
Samantha Sewell on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 22:16

There are some good looking people in that post :P

There are some good looking people in that post :P
EH Canada Marketing Group on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 23:40

Absolutely beautiful people.

Absolutely beautiful people.
Diana Mohrsen on Thursday, 24 November 2022 01:17

Our wonderful small towns in Canada are exciting to visit. I'm glad this site is helping showcase them.

Our wonderful small towns in Canada are exciting to visit. I'm glad this site is helping showcase them.
Cora Lee Rennie on Saturday, 18 February 2023 04:22

A really good read that I easily related to !

A really good read that I easily related to !
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