15 Top Things To Do In Victoria BC

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15 Top Things To Do In Victoria BC

Top 15 Things To Do in Victoria BC

Here is a list of Top Things To Do in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island Canada.

The City of Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. It is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. The city is a top travel and adventure destination in the province with lots to offer. There are many destinations to visit and many activities to enjoy including biking, sightseeing, touring, road trips, hiking, history, golfing, wildlife watching. food, entertainment, and more. We do our best to sum it up for you with this list of 15. 

This TOP 15 LIST helps break it down for you so you can plan your stay and not miss out on any of the most popular things to do. A common mistake by travelers is not planning enough time to enjoy the many sights, sounds and tastes of Victoria.

We hope this list helps with your planning.

Go to the link below for photos and text descriptions of the TOP 15 Things To Do in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is a comprehensive list of where to go, when to go, covering  the how, why and who. 



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