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This is my diary. A glimpse into the life of a small town mom, wife, newspaper owner, writer, gardener, empty nester, hiker and photographer.
I'm what happens when teenage pregnancy goes right. Becoming an empty nester before forty means I have too much time on my hands ... therefore I blog and whore myself out on social media.
I am an outlier.
Not only did I have my kids young, I had them all at once.
I am the proud, proud mother of identical twin boys. One is a firefighter, one is an EMT ... I'm probably going to mention that again, soon. You've been warned.
My age similar friends are still dealing with parent-teacher interviews, early bed times, play dates and healthy snacks. I'm planning vacations, eating chocolate for dinner and swearing like a sailor.
Don't hate.
How I got back to hiking:
When my boys were small we'd hike every weekend. My husband worked weekend night shift, I worked during the week ... we didn't see a lot of each other, but we didn't have sitters either. I took them hiking to keep them out of the house while he slept.
The boys and I hiked and hiked. We hit many trails in the area over the years and loved it. Then things changed ... they got jobs & lives of their own ... the next thing you know there's four adults with work schedules and school schedules to keep track of and I would just be grateful when we all ended up in the same place at the same time.
They graduated and moved out right away ... we raised independent, self-sufficient adults ... it's the thing you're supposed to do as a parent ... but there's something about succeeding at it that kind of sucks.
A weird series of events occurred (that included seriously damaging some back muscles) and next thing I knew it was a couple of years later and I had an "old back injury" and no kids at home to keep me moving.
It turns out crocheting doesn't burn a lot of calories. I got fat and lazy ... and I was in a lot of pain.
It was near the beginning of 2014 when Jason and I were going to the mall ... as usual he was about to park at the far end of the parking lot to stay away from errant grocery carts ... I snapped at him about how hard it was for me to walk to the doors and had him drop me off.
I had become the person that got dropped off at the mall doors rather than walk the parking lot. I stood there, watching him park the car and realized I wasn't even 40 yet ... this was not sustainable.
I needed to do something.
So I contacted a friend, Jacqueline ... we both struggled with our relative inactivity and we agreed to do 100 days of fitness together ... for 100 consecutive days we met and did some sort of activity. I will always be grateful to her for that.
It worked.
I haven't lost a lot of weight ... I'm not skinny ... I probably won't ever be ... but that same person that couldn't walk across a parking lot now straps forty pounds on her back and walks more than twenty kilometres a day through the mountains.
I'm never going back.

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