Places To Eat in Merritt BC

Merritt Restaurants, Pubs and Dining in the Nicola Valley

Nicola Valley restaurants, pubs and places to eat in Merritt covers many different taste pallets and eating environments. There are over 30+ places to eat throughout Merritt and the Nicola Valley. The restaurants range from fast food, casual dining, international cuisine to a great cup of coffee. In our small town there is something for everyone.

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Places to Eat in Merritt at the "Top on the Hill"

For visitors, when exiting the Trans Canada Highway, they enter “the top of the hill” in Merritt BC. This is locally refered to as "Gasoline Alley" and it is also home to services, restaurants and places to eat like fast food restaurants, a coffee shop, liquor store, hotels, and a pub. Easy access off the highway, RV parking, and a picnic area allows travellers to fuel up their vehicles and feed themselves while enjoy the scenery.

Pub, Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Merritt BC

At the “bottom of the hill” also known as “Downtown Merritt” is where the best selection of places to eat, restaurants, coffee shops and unique dining experiences are best enjoyed. Merritt restaurants include chinese, indian, japanese and pubs serving traditional Canadian foods. Downtown Merritt has the best selection of coffee shops in town as well, all with internet and good parking.

Places To Eat in Merritt BC

Pubs, Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Merritt British Columbia

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