Mountain Biking in Merritt BC Canada

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Mountain biking in Merritt BC Canada provides many opportunities to explore the backcountry of the Nicola Valley. The Mountain biking trail system in Merritt BC covers all types of trails suited for all levels of bikers from beginner to extreme. Trails range from easy-going double-wide gravel trails for the casual biker to extreme single-track downhill runs with challenging terrain for the experienced mountain biker.

Trails when Mountain Biking in Merritt BC

Nicola Valley mountain biking trail network includes Iron Mountain, Sugarloaf (Lundbom Lake), Coulee Plateau (aka Midday Valley) and the Swakum Mountain trails. Swakum and Coutlee Plateau enjoy sloping downhills, loop routes, vistas and excellent views of the community of Merritt. Lundbom is home for exploring lakes and forest rides, while Iron Mountain is extreme downhill with many TTFs (Trail Technical Features). Some trails connect to wilderness campgrounds.

Merritt Mountain Biking Skills Park

Located on Voght Street, between Downtown Merritt and “The Hill”, is the Merritt Mountain Biking Skills Park. The skills park includes some high bank curves, drops, jumps, berms and rails. The park provides a good place to hone your skills and to limber up before a big ride. From the Merritt bike park riders can access some of the mountain biking trails in the city leading to backcountry trails.

Thank you to the Merritt Mountain Bike Association for maintaining the trails and to fellow trail riders for respecting the trails and others on the trails.

Mountain Biking in Merritt British Columbia Canada

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