History in Merritt BC

Historical Nicola Valley Heritage Buildings, Museum & Archives

History in Merritt goes back a long way in time like many British Columbia small towns. However, in Merritt our past is very well documented in our buildings, ranching, cowboy culture and First Nation traditions.

History in Merritt BC Canada

Nicola Valley Museum Archives

To experience our history and culture there is no better place than to visit our local Nicola Valley Museum & Archives. The historical venue has many exhibits and articfacts featuring our past in Merritt and the Nicola Valley. 

First Airplane in MerrittPhoto Credit: Nicola Valley Museum & Archives

Historical Buildings

Grab a map and take to the streets of Merritt and tour the Nicola Valley and visit some of our historical and heritage sites and buildings. Some of the most notable heritage buildings would have to include the iconic Coldwater Hotel in Downtown Merritt and Murray Church in Quilchena. 

First Nation Cultural Events

Throughout the Nicola Valley there are five First Nation bands -  Coldwater Indian Band, Lower Nicola Indian Band, Nooaitch Indian Band, Shackan Indian Band and Upper Nicola Indian Band. Time your visit and there is a Pow Wow and there are always exhibits in the museum and on display at our art galleries. 

History in Merritt BC Canada

Top Historical Attractions in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

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