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The artists in Merritt BC Canada are a talented group when it comes to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or displaying the arts. The artists of the Nicola Valley cover many areas of art including ceramics, conceptual, drawing, mural, graphic, mosaic, painting, photography, music, sculpture, tapestry, and more. 

Merritt Murals Downtown Walking Tour

The works of local and visiting artists in Merritt BC Canada can be enjoyed outdoors and indoors. Outdoors we are fortunate to have the Merritt Murals and the "Walk of Stars".

The Downtown Merritt Mural Walking Tour is a self guided digital experience visiting with 20+ murals. The murals are portraits of country music singers and songwriters including the likes of Alan Jackson, Hank Snow, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and others.

Merritt Walk of Stars

The "Walk of Stars" are located throughout all of Merritt, extending beyond the borders of downtown. They consist of a collection of hand-prints (and one footprint) created by over 75+ country music stars who have visited Merritt BC over the years. Many of the participating country music stars visited during the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, now the Rockin River Music Festival. When you are coming to Merritt also make an effort to check out some of the local musicians playing at a coffee house open mic or pub. 

Merritt Artists and Galleries

Indoors, we here in Merritt Canada, are very fortunate to have art galleries celebrating and featuring our many local artists in Merritt BC. A large group of community artists have also come to gather and formed the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council.

Merritt Music and Open Mic

One of the signature attractions in the Nicola Valley is the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. The venue is home to many country music displays, plaques and artifacts of Canadian country music stars, songwriters and builders. In many cases the Hall of Fame is seen as "Mile O" when walking and exploring the murals and plaques in downtown Merritt.  

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Experience Art in Merritt

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Twisted Turkey Products

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