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Supporting Local Tourism Episode 27, Field of Screams

By Samantha Sewell in British Columbia 316 views 3rd Oct, 2021 Video Duration: N/A   9380 BC-97, Vernon, BC V1H 1W9, Canada
We are back at O'keefe ranch for this episode of Supporting Local Tourism at the annual Feild Of Screams!
This year the Feild of Screams is a little different; they are selling tickets on Event Bright with several different ticketing options from VIP passes to skip the line to just select mazes.
This year the mazes are themed to Zombie apocalypse, featuring a zombie carnival, hospital, and a zombie house with a maze of doors.
New this year, there is also a Dark Maze featuring no actors, you and your party in a maze, with no lights; they challenge you to walk through with no flashlight and try to find the exit.
Defiantly not for young children or the faint of heart!

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