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Visiting the Coco cola classic 2024

By Samantha Sewell in British Columbia 390 views 16th Feb, 2024 Video Duration: N/A   3445 43rd Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 8P5, Canada
Between February 8th and February 11th 2024, the Vernon, Kaltire Place was packed with pewee hockey players from all across British Columbia for the annual Coca-Cola classic hockey tournament. One of my favourite things about this tournament is that there are female and male teams competing! 
While I was away for the official opening ceremonies, I was able to stop by during the start of the tournament and see a few of the games. 
A fun fact about these games and I is that when I was 10 years old, I was able to be the flag barrier for the games, holding the Canadian flag for the opening, back when it was in the civic areas (which is now no more)!

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