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Alberta resorts, retreats and ranches cater to all types of lifestyle vacations. Book your Alberta vacation accommodation today on Canada's largest booking, planning and interactive travel and adventure website.

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Alberta Resorts

Resorts in Alberta, Canada tend to be large scale commercial ventures providing a wide range of accommodation types, services, amenities and, usually, associate themselves with a popular Alberta activity like a golf course, a casino, a fishing lake or a ski mountain.

Alberta Retreats

Retreats in Alberta tend to cater to wellness and/or relaxation by providing getaway, spa, culinary, yoga, etc. experiences, classes and/or education. Many, not all, are set in private and secluded locations away from the sights, sounds and stresses of life and city. Often they are self contained retreats so guests do not have to leave the property.  

Alberta Guest Ranches

Guest ranches of Alberta are all about cowboys, cowgirls, and horseback riding. Some ranches provide western accommodations so one can live and breath the life of a cowboy and cowgirl. Other ranches focus on providing trail rides and over night, long-haul horseback riding adventures. Alberta does western living well.  

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