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Vancouver Island Cottages and Cabins

Vancouver Island cottages provide travelers an opportunity to enjoy and explore the BC waterways and landscapes on many different levels of comfort. The cottages, cabins and chalets available to visitors on Vancouver Island will range in size and differ - very much so- in location, amenities and privacy.

Some cottages, cabins and chalets are fully self contained units providing many of the amenities of home. Some are backcountry rustic cabins, lit up by candles, heated by wood stoves complete with an outdoor outhouse. Some are just one of many situated on the shores of lakes, on the banks of rivers or lined up along the coastlines of oceans. We call these Cottage Resorts.

A rental cottage is one of the most popular types of accommodations available on Vancouver Island for those seeking adventure and activity . It is recommended to make reservations prior to any visit.

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