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Tahsis, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Tahsis, BC is a remote community on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The village is at the head of the Tahsis Inlet backed by rock cliffs and towering mountains layered in forests.

The remote location of Tahsis, BC, Canada makes the village a gateway to Nootka Island and Kyuquot Sound. Marine activities most enjoyed in the region includes fishing, kayaking, boating, scuba diving and wildlife tours.

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The landscape in the Vancouver Island region is ideal for outdoor activities as well. Locally there are beach walks and hiking trails exploring the inlet and back country forests. The local estuary is a destination for birdwatching. Bears live in the region as well. There is always a chance to view wildlife while driving the gravel roads and when hiking the back country trails of Tahsis, BC, Canada.

The more extreme outdoor adventures are located out of town. Backpacking is best in Strathcona Park located east of Gold River and on Nootka Island at the entrance of the Tahsis Inlet. Caving is enjoyed at the Upana Caves and rock climbing is enjoyed at the 15 crags at the Crest Creek Crag Climbing Area. Both are located east of Gold River.

Tahsis, BC on Vancouver Island can be reached by road and ocean. The scenery is amazing but the transportation routes are rough. The roads leading to Tahsis are gravel and they are still used by logging trucks and heavy equipment. Be cautious, flying rocks. Transportation by ocean is scenic but the distance is long and weather can be unpredictable.

How to Get to Tahsis, BC, Canada:

Tahsis is located 385 km (220 mi) north of Victoria BC. From Victoria travel north on Hwy #1 to Campbell River. From Campbell River turn onto Hwy #28 (Gold River Hwy) and continue traveling for another 89 km (55 mi) to Gold River. The route is a beautiful drive passing by Campbell Lake, Snakehead Lake, Gooseneck Lake, Upper Campbell Lake and Buttle Lake.

Continue to the Village of Gold River. At the main intersection continue straight pass the village onto a gravel road. Continue on the gravel road for 70 km (43 mi). Tahsis can be accessed by float plane, kayak and boat also.

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