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Tahsis, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Tahsis, British Columbia, Canada Travel & Adventure Guide

On the shores of the Tahsis Inlet


Tahsis, BC, Canada is located on the shores of the Tahsis Inlet. The village is a gateway to the First Nation culture and Nootka Trail on Nootka Island and the wildlife viewing opportuntiies in Kyuquot Sound.

Activities, Adventures and Things To Do in Tahsis, British Columbia

Activities most enjoyed in the Village of Tahsis and surrounding areas include hiking, camping, boating, sailing, ocean kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, caving, bouldering, and wildlife watching.

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Parks, Trails and Places of Interest to explore in Tahsis, British Columbia

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing destinations located in Tahsis and the surrounding area includes Nootka Island, Nootka Trail, Kyuquot Sound, Strathcona Park, Upana Caves, Crest Creek Crag Climbing Area, Westbay Park, Catala Island Marine Provincial Park, Bligh Island Marine Provincial Park, and Woss Lake Provincial Park. 

Tahsis, British Columbia, Attractions, Historical Sites, Culture

Some of the natural attractions, museums, art and cultural venues in Tahsis, British Columbia and the surrounding regions includes the Leiner River Estuary, Tahsis Farm, Tahsis Waterfront, and the Tahsis Museum.

Accommodations, Services and Amenities in Tahsis, British Columbia, Canada

Services important in and around the community of Tahsis include accommodations (motel, vacation homes, cottages, bed and breakfast, suites), tours, guides, campgrounds, pub, restaurants, gas station, liquor store, internet, ATM and transportation services including marina and floatplane. 

How To Get To Tahsis

From Victoria travel north on Hwy #1 to Campbell River. From Campbell River turn onto Hwy #28 (Gold River Hwy) and continue traveling for another 89 km (55 mi) to Gold River.  At the main intersection in Gold River continue straight pass the village. Continue for 70 km (43 mi). 

Explore Tahsis, BC,  Canada Travel Guide for Accommodations, Attractions and Adventure.

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