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Port Renfrew, BC

Port Renfrew, BC is a small community on the shores of San Juan Bay located on the southern west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

The village of Port Renfrew BC is an outdoor recreation destination surrounded by many kilometres of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, sandstone flat rock and far reaching ocean scenery. The main beach in the village is San Juan Beach. It stretches forever along the coastline. Driftwood piled high - thrown a shore by powerful storms.

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The wilderness environment and the endless ocean waters provide plenty of opportunity for adventure. Some of the more popular activities near Port Renfrew include backpacking, hiking, beachcombing, fishing, wildlife watching, camping, swimming, ocean kayaking, birding and canoeing.

Port Renfrew is the southern trailhead community for the world famous West Coast Trail (WCT). A 74 kilometre extreme wilderness backpacking adventure. The community is also the northern trailhead entrance for the Juan de Fuca Trail. It is a 47 kilometre hiking trail. A smaller version of the WCT.

A real treat for learning and discovery in the area of Port Renfrew is Botanical Beach. At low tide the ocean waters recede revealing a sandstone flat rock beach with fields of tidal pools to explore. Marine life is everywhere.

There are a few fresh water lakes in the region. There are rivers too like the San Juan and Gordon Rivers. It is not all ocean in Port Renfrew. Some visitors like to fish the rivers and lakes. Fairy Lake and Lizard Lake are good for fishing and for canoeing, swimming and hiking.