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Gold River, BC, Canada

Gold River is a small community located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The village is situated on the edge of the ocean, surrounded by forests, mountains and nearby lakes. It is a wilderness environment ideal for outdoor adventures and wildlife viewing.

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Gold River Photo GalleryBecause of the location of the village it enjoys easy access to ocean waterways, inlets, coves and islands. From the Gold River marina the main island destination is the First Nation village of Friendly Cove (Yuquot) on Nootka Island - hence why Gold River is called " The Gateway to the Nootka Sound ".

The community of Yuquot in Nootka Sound bares a large historical significance to the birth of Canada. It was here on the shores of Nootka Island where Chief Maquinna first met the European explore James Cook in 1778. It was the first recorded European and First Nation meeting on land.

The marine environment and the wilderness landscape in Gold River provides an ideal setting for many outdoor ocean activities. Some of the marine adventures enjoyed in the region include fishing, wildlife watching tours, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and boat cruises. There are marine tours and charters operating from the local marina complete with guides so to enrich your adventure experience.

On land - the vast forests, looming mountains, network of lakes and raging rivers provide visitors with many opportunities to explore. Some of the activities enjoyed in the region include backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, rock climbing, caving and wildlife watching.

How to Get to Gold River, BC, Canada:

Gold River is located 385 km (220 mi) north of Victoria BC. From Victoria travel north on Hwy #1 to Campbell River. From Campbell River turn onto Hwy #28 (Gold River Hwy) and continue traveling for another 89 km (55 mi) to Gold River. The route is a beautiful drive passing by Campbell Lake, Snakehead Lake, Gooseneck Lake, Upper Campbell Lake and Buttle Lake.

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