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Saratoga Beach BC

Saratoga Beach is a resort community on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. It is located near the artistic and agricultural communities of Merville and Black Creek, BC.

Saratoga Beach is best known for its many waterfront resorts, beautiful sandy beaches and receeding ocean tides. Nearby are parks, fish hatcheries, recreation trails and birdwatching sloughs.

Saratoga Beach and Miracle Beach Provincial Park are the two big sandy beach destinations located in the region. Both beaches are layered in refined white weathered sand with crushed sea shells, pebbled rocks and plenty of driftwood.

Surrounding the two large sandy beaches are spawning rivers, creeks, waterway channels and forest. Some fall within park boundaries some do not. One of the smaller protected parks worth exploring in the area is the Oyster River Nature Park. It is a park with a salmon and trout spawning river and hiking trails.

The resort waterfront area of Saratoga is mostly lined with cabins and cottages with some campgrounds. Further inland are a few bed and breakfast accommodations as well.

Outdoor activity is popular in Saratoga. Ocean kayaking, wind surfing, boating, birdwatching, sailing, hiking, camping, golfing, kite surfing, sports fishing, beachcombing and sightseeing are just some of the activities enjoyed in the region.

Close by in Mervile and Black Creek there are general stores, ATMs, gas stations and a grocery store. Large box stores and a larger selection of services important to travelers can be found nearby in the communities of Courtenay (south) or Campbell River (north) - services like banks, repair shops, internet, restaurants, laundromats and more.

How to Get to Saratoga Beach

Saratoga Beach is located 245 km (153 mi) north of Victoria on Hwy 1. Travel along Hwy #1 to the Comox Valley located south of Campbell River and north of Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. From the community of Courtenay in the Comox Valley travel north on the the Inland Hwy (Oceanside Route) 25 kilometres (16 Miles) to Saratoga Beach. The turn off to Saratoga Beach while traveling the Inland Hwy is the #144 exit.