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Port Alberni, BC, Canada

The community of Port Alberni, BC is situated on the Alberni Inlet on Vancouver Island , British Columbia, Canada. The inlet is a gateway to the Broken Islands and the Pacific Ocean traveled by tour boats, fishing vessels, sightseeing cruises and kayak groups.

Port Alberni is surrounded by old growth and second growth forests, mountains, spawning rivers, cascading waterfalls and many lakes. Some of the alpine mountains in the valley include Arrowsmith (1819 m), Cokely (1580 m), Patlicant (1240 m) and Irwin (1316 m). Arrowsmith Mountain being a popular recreation destination in the area for many outdoor activities.

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Port Alberni Photo GalleryAccess to ocean, river and lakes provides visitors to Port Alberni many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Some of the activities enjoyed in the region include fishing, kayaking, wildlife watching, golfing, hiking, boating, sightseeing, picnicking, sailing, canoeing, wind surfing, scuba diving and backpacking.

Harbour Quay on the waterfront of the community is a popular sightseeing and retail destination with great views of marine life. There is a water fountain, a giant clock tower, a pier, tours, patio restaurants, museums and more. Just down the street is a lighthouse museum and a marina.

One of the more popular wilderness destinations in the region for sightseeing is Cathedral Grove . A park with tall old growth trees and hiking trails. Port Alberni is also home to a very popular multi-day backpacking and canoe adventure named the Della Falls Trail. A trail leading to Canada's highest waterfall!

Port Alberni is one of the island communities which enjoys ocean access to the Broken Islands. They are a group of islands nearby famous for exploring. Many tours to the islands depart from Port Alberni. There are sailing and boating cruises and kayaking tours departing from the community.

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