Erickson Beach
Van Anda, British Columbia, Canada

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Texada Island

Erickson Beach

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Erickson Beach is a community beach located on Texada Island on the Sunshine Coast. The pebbled beach is a popular destination for watching sunsets and sunrises, as well as, swimming and sightseeing.

There are some large boulders and driftwood logs which make for good benches for sightseeing out over the bay. the beach is within walking distance to the village which is ideal as there are no public washrooms at this beach.

When visiting Erickson beach with children you just might want to time it for low tides as the rock outcrops reveal endless amounts of small tidal pools filled with marine activity.
Erickson Beach, Texada Island, BC on the Sunshine Coast.

How To Get To: Erickson Beach

From the ferry head over to the Village of Van Anda. Erickson Beach is just a stones throw away from the pier on the waterfront in the Village of Van Anda on Texada Island.


Van Anda, British Columbia Canada

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