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Gibsons, BC Travel Tourism

Gibsons, BC, Canada is located in the lower half of the Sunshine Coast, just south of Roberts Creek and Sechelt, BC and is best accessed from the Langdale BC Ferry. The Gibson BC geographical region includes the surrounding areas of Hopkins Landing, Grantham Landing, Gibsons Landing, Langdale and Port Mellon, BC, Canada.

Gibsons, BC Photo Gallery Gibsons is a charming seaside community with a recognizable marine influence. The marina has boats of all shapes and sizes from tugboats, yachts, pleasure boats, sailboats, fishing and prawning vessels. Seafood season brings live, fresh seafood to the wharf to be sold like crab, Salmon and shrimp.

The upper section of Gibsons, BC has the shopping malls, subdivisions, and more and more residential development. The lower section of Gibsons is where history is more prominent showing the past and culture of the community.

The memories are well preserved in the art galleries, character buildings, antique row of stores, craft shops and while exploring along the Seawalk.

The middle section of the community of Gibsons is the commercial industrial district and that is where the Government Wharf is located. Gibsons was also the location to the very popular Canadian TV called The Beachcombers and "Molly's Reach Restaurant", which still stands and was the local gathering place for the characters on the show.

Combined, the Gibsons, Hopkins Landing, Grantham Landing, Gibsons Landing, Langdale and Port Mellon landscape and wilderness environment is ideal for outdoor activities like boating, kayaking, scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching and beach lounging on Armours, Chaster, Attlee's, Secret and Georgia Beaches.

Some of the main sightseeing destinations in the Gibsons area to hike are Soames Hill and Mount Elphinstone because of the wide open marine views overlooking Howe Sound and the islands. If into mountain biking, one should check out the Sprockids Mountain Bike Trail Park. Boaters of all types will enjoy the amenities in Gibsons Harbour and the many day destinations close by like Gambier and Keats Islands.

eh! Plan to Visit Gibsons, BC today.