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Saltery Bay Travel, Tourism

Saltery Bay, BC, Canada is located on the southern most tip of the Upper Sunshine Coast region. The coastal area is centered around a BC Ferry Terminal, which serves as a connector route, transporting traffic across Jervis Inlet to Earls Cove which on the northern tip of the lower section of the Sunshine Coast.

The Saltery Bay area is also privy to island marine parks that, year in and year out, attract many boaters and kayakers seeking refuge and tranquility. The most popular islands close to Saltery Bay are Harmony Islands and Musket Island. Both are considered under-developed Marine Parks.

Sunshine Coast - British Columbia, Canada

Halfmoon Bay Photo Gallery The Saltery Bay area is best known for the many scuba diving opportunities near Mermaid Cove where there is a 10 ft. bronze mermaid sculpture designed by Simon Morris sunken at a depth of 20 m (65 feet). There is also Octopus City. A scuba diving destination which offers ample opportunity to view some of the underwater marine wildlife located in the local active waters.

The Saltery Bay region is also home to some unique hiking and biking trails like the marathon mountain bike route named the Elephant Bay Loop Trail with views of Jervis Inlet and Lois Lake and two high speed downhill descents.

One of the most famous hiking trails of the area starts or ends in Saltery Bay. The southern most trailhead to the 180 km Sunshine Coast Trail.

As for families looking to beach comb and camp, the Saltery Bay Provincial Park is a popular destination because of the many campsites and onsite amenities. The beach draws people from all over who come to enjoy a sunshine day of swimming and boating.

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