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Lund, BC Travel Tourism

Lund, BC is filled with small town experiences, marine energy and large-as-life adventures. A welcoming village busting with adventure located on the shores of the Malaspina Peninsula on the northern point of the Sunshine Coast region.

Sunshine Coast - British Columbia, Canada

Lund, BC Photo Gallery At the Lund Harbour Marina, which is a big part of the village, the boats leave in the morning and arrive back in the evening from a day of fishing, recreational boating or sailing. Both big and small boats are tied to the docks. A mix of commercial fishing boats, sail boats, touring and guiding vessels and private leisure boats.

The community of Lund, BC is a popular launching point for boating, kayaking and scuba diving enthusiasts as it is a gateway to the majestic natural marine wonders of Desolation Sound. If your timing is right and luck is on your side there is a fun water taxi ride over to the sandy beaches on Savary Island operated from Lund.

Hikers, walkers, photographers, naturalists and backpackers praise the area around Lund for it's surrounding scenic oceans and wandering forests creating some popular trails and wilderness hiking destinations.

Just north of the village of Lund, British Columbia near Sarah Point is the newly built 180 km or so Sunshine Coast Trail heading south. The most popular of the Sunshine Coast region's trails. It is a long haul from point A to B, but luckily there are access points to the trail along the route creating short and long day trips filled with mountain, lake, river and forest scenery

eh! Plan to Visit Lund, BC today.