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Sechelt, BC Travel Tourism

Sechelt, BC, Canada is located on the lower section of the Sunshine Coast, just south of Halfmoon Bay and north of Roberts Creek and Gibsons, BC. The Sechelt BC geographical region including the outlying areas of Wilson Creek, Davis Bay, Selma Park and Tuwanek is located on the Sechelt Inlet. 

Sechelt, BC Photo Gallery The Sechelt Inlet area is unique in its geographical makeup. Offshore there is an Isthmus (a relatively narrow strip of land - with water on both sides - connecting two larger land areas ) seperating Trail Bay and the Sechelt Inlet. A natural icon referred to as the Inland Sea.

Also offshore is the White Islets which are small rock outcroppings poking out of the sea. White because of the seagulls going about their day doing their business on the islets leaving it covered in their white bird droppings.

The community of Sechelt, BC is the hub of the region. Along the main streets are many of the main services necessary for a pleasant visit and wild outdoor adventures.

Immediately south of Sechelt, north of Wilson Creek is Davis Bay. Arguably, one of the most popular areas visited by travellers for its small community feel, the rocky, sandy beach and the protruding fishing pier dominating the skyline.

Kayaking, golfing, fishing, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, snow shoeing, bird watching, backpacking, photography, scuba diving, boating, cross country skiing and wind surfing are some of the popular activities of the Sechelt area.

The parks and trails of Sechelt and area are plenty and many are suited for all groups and levels of fitness. There are day walks, long hikes, wilderness backpacking, family picnics, boating and beach combing like the Porpoise Bay Park with its big beach, government wharf and boat launch while others are more suited for mountain biking like Angus Creek Bike Loop Trail. The most spectacular park with alpine views, a wilderness mountain setting and rugged terrain is the Tetrahedron Park which is more suitable for the long haul backpacker, cross country skier or an adventurous snow show expedition because of the long distance involved and the rough terrain which covers 9 lakes and includes 4 hiker cabins along the trail route.

eh! Plan to Visit Sechelt, BC, Canada today.