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Halfmoon Bay Travel Tourism

The coastal community of Halfmoon Bay, originally named Cod Fish Bay, is a popular destination for visitors who enjoy kayaking, fishing, boating, scuba diving, bird watching, photography, mountain biking, hiking and wilderness camping.

Sunshine Coast - British Columbia, Canada

Halfmoon Bay Photo Gallery The short and long distance trails found in Halfmoon Bay include climbing mountains, walking hand-in-hand on beaches, observing fish ladders on rivers, trekking through old growth forests and watching waterfalls.

Halfmoon Bay is a launching point to access some of the nearby remote islands and islets. The Halfmoon Bay area has a main store, bakery and cafe. Nearby are marinas, restaurants and art galleries. The area of Wood Bay is mainly the industrial section of the community.

In the immediate Halfmoon Bay area there are trails, beaches, islands and lakes to explore like Merry Island, Sargeant Bay and Homesite Caves . Outside the community of Halfmoon Bay, a short drive away, there are some exciting day trips worth experiencing like the Skookumchuck Narrows . A set of raging rapids which is a popular destination to discover by foot or by kayak.

Located in Egmont, BC., a short drive away, the trail is an easy grade round trip 8 km ( 5 mi.) hiking trail leading to some prime viewing areas of the currents and, maybe, the odd kayaker taking nature head on.

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