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Whitehorse Yukon Road Trip – 2020 Arctic Circle Road Trip – ehcanadatravel.com

Whitehorse Yukon Road Trip – Part 4 of 7

2020 Arctic Circle Road Trip with Brothers of Tourism

The Brothers of Tourism explore Whitehorse mountain biking Chadburn Lake, visit SS Klondike Historic Site, and the Yukon Fish Ladder

Our 2020 Arctic Circle Expedition continues with our Whitehorse Yukon road trip. Part 4 of 7.  Whitehorse, worked out to be our base camp on many occasions for various different reasons during this Arctic Expedition. Some tourism related and some business related. However, it seemed we were always coming back to Whitehorse after every adventure. Why? Because it is ^&%$* awesome with lots to see, lots to do and the only place we could find with deceit internet!

Whitehorse Yukon Road Trip Video

Our Whitehorse Yukon Road Trip Highlights

This is our second visit to the Yukon. We call it Yukon 2.0. We had an idea of what we wanted to do on this go around. The capital city of the Yukon Territory, Whitehorse, has developed a gorgeous river front parkway with a recreational pathway. We explored it. Whitehorse is located on the banks of a historic river – the Yukon River. We walked it, heard it and watched it rumble on by. The city is rich in trapper, miner, Gold Rush, paddlewheel, First Nation and Inuvik history. We learned from it. The region has great trails and sightseeing adventures. We biked it. We saw wildlife from bears to beavers or some cross breed mutant? Who knows? Have to read further for the details on this classic blooper. And speaking of history, we took the opportunity to visit the SS Klondike too. Just saying! 

The North Needs WIFI!

We are a tourism marketing company by trade.  Although, we are very aware how fortunate we are to be able to operate our business remotely (a big perk). However, if we do not have access to the internet, the story stops then and now. And yes, access to the internet played a big part on this Whitehorse Yukon Road Trip.  Whitehorse had internet, but not great internet. And, basically it was the only internet available along our route that worked… sort of. In fact, many of the hotels and campgrounds we talked to could only offer a signal strength of 1 or 2 bars? How do communities expect to compete on the world tourism stage if they cannot access the main tools for generating awareness and bookings with quality content?  The Yukon, in all its beauty and wildlife is no exception. The Canadian Government needs to figure this out yesterday, especially in the challenging times we are in with Covid and the tough road ahead. The next war for tourism dollars after Covid will be on the internet. Good WIFI for all should be a common right.  

Schwatka Lake whitehorse road trip

Schwatka Lake in Whitehorse Yukon Territory

Whitehorse Parks, Trails and Historic Sites

Chadburn Lake is one of the natural gems in Whitehorse for hiking, canoeing, swimming and mountain biking. But not the only gem. Others we have researched on previous Yukon visits includes Miles Canyon, Chadden Lake, Grey Mountain, Wolf Creek Trail, Hidden Lakes Trail, Yukon River Loop Trail, Schwatka Lake and little lesser known gems like the Teegatha-oh-zheh Park Trails.  For a complete list of all our Whitehorse Yukon research so far including parks, trails and historic sites click here

chadburn lake mountain biking

Chadburn Lake mountain biking in Whitehorse Yukon

Mountain Biking Chadburn Lake

For the Yukon 2.0 road trip we came prepared. On this go around we loaded up our mountain bikes on the back of the Maple Leaf RV.  When planning our adventure during the covid 19 era we decided we wanted to practice social distancing mountain biking the Chadburn Lake Trails. And man, are we so glad we did. What we really like about the Chadburn Trails is that they connect to other trail networks like Grey Mountain, Canyon City, and Hidden Lakes. So many trails and not enough time to explore them all. But we “locked, stocked and barreled” our way around the forest and lake for most of the day. What a great day it was. Legs a burning. 

ss Klondike whitehorse yukon road trip

SS Klondike National Historic Site in Whitehorse Yukon

Whitehorse SS Klondike

One of the first stops in Whitehorse for us seems to always be the SS Klondike. Maybe because on the drive into Whitehorse the Klondike stands out as it rests on the banks of the mighty Yukon River. The 1929 SS Klondike is an old paddlewheel vessel that use to transport people and goods up and down the Yukon River and connecting lakes and communities during the Gold Rush era. The historic vessel was one of over 250 paddlewheel riverboats who once explored the Yukon waterways. Today the vessel is a National Historic Site and open for selfies and tours. She is a beauty. 

Yukon Energy Fishladder

Yukon Energy Fishladder and Hatchery on Yukon River

Yukon River Fish Ladder

After our bike ride we went and checked out the Yukon River Fishladder and Hatchery.  There is something about the sounds and sights of rapids on a historic river that attracts people. However, the purpose of the Yukon Energy fishladder and hatchery are to ensure the survival of the Yukon River’s chinook salmon. A species of fish which is important to the region.  And did you know that the fishladder is also the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. Yup! However, its true calling was to assist the salmon in bypassing safely around the Whitehorse Rapids Dam. We enjoyed the views and we did a little video clip and then off we went on our next adventure. 

Yukon River

Brother Colin and the Yukon River after the Bear/Beaver sighting?

Its a Bear!? No! Its a Beaver! No its a bear? No its a beaver on Steroids!

One of the funniest moments on this leg of our journey was the bear sighting or was it a beaver in the Yukon River.  My brother and I are enjoying the night skies on the banks of the Yukon River, when my brother sights a big ass (literally that is all he saw), a big fury ass jump into the river. “Bear,” my brother shouts out. That is code in our world to scramble and get the photo and video equipment. We rush to the edge of the Yukon River and watch as the bear swims away. Later do we find out it was not a bear but a big ass beaver on steroids. Never seen a beaver so big. What is in the Yukon water?!

EH? Travel Talk Show Goes on the Road in the Yukon

As many of you may know we have a weekly talk show called EH? Travel Talk Show. It is fast becoming a national hit show. IN Whitehorse we pulled off our first show remotely while on the road. Initially we were going to get a hotel room so we could ensure good internet and be hard wired into WIFI. But hotel after hotel that we contacted had poor internet? So we decided to broadcast from the Maple Leaf RV in a parking lot of a big box store. During one part of the show the internet died. Ugh!!! But not all was lost. Without thinking, my brother Colin, jumped in the drivers seat of the Maple Leaf RV, started the engine and drove it around the parking lot while the show was going on looking for a signal. We pulled it off. Thank you Edwin Sheppard, VP Leger Polling for being such a great sport. Can you find our blooper in the video below? 

Yukon Episode of the EH? Travel Talk Show


Whitehorse Yukon –  2020 Arctic Circle Road Trip 



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