After traveling the Alaska Highway for hundreds of kilometres taking hundreds of photos it was refreshing to set up camp in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory during our research road trip of the region.

During our Alaska Highway road trip we had the opportunity to take pictures of Grizzlies, Black Bears, Moose and a  herd of Buffalo. But unfortunately we are saving our wildlife shots for our website so you are going to have to check them out when the website is online.

What we wanted to reminisce with you on this blog entry is our visit with the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake.  No it is not a forest of trees and wildlife but it is a forest of signs and history.

In the early 1940s Carl Lindley arrived in Watson Lake to work on the Alaska Highway. It was a long stint for him away from his family and home. So one day Carl, being a bit home sick, erected a sign with the mileage posting the distance from Watson Lake to his home town. Soon later more signs were erected. Latest count is that there are over 60,000+ signs in the forest.

You would think, “Big deal, it is just a bunch of signs”. But you would be wrong. It literally is a forest of signs from places all around the world. Think about it. You would have to know about the famous Sign Post Forest just to be smart enough to remember to pack a sign with you on your travels.

Luckily we have horseshoes.. we could lie and say we knew about the forest of signs and were well prepared.. but we did not. We just happen to luck out because we already travel with a pile of signs.  Have signs will travel, we say. So after we did our business in Watson Lake we posted a sign in the Sign Post Forest.

It was a proud moment and just another bread crumb letting the Yukon people know we are coming soon to boost tourism and adventures in a big way.

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